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New Book of Perfumes
by John Oakes*

On Sale: £3.99 was £8.99

For most women, perfume is a mystery - which one to wear? When to wear it? ...and with what? It all comes down to the question: who am I? What is my mood? Am I a cool unreachable goddess, today? Or am I a passionate lover? To help make an informed choice here is an in-depth analysis of the natures of each of 150 perfumes, its effect on the wearer and those she encounters. John Oakes seeks to demystify the "parfumier's" art, introducing the reader to all the major perfume categories: the single flower, the floral bouquet, the greens, the woods, the fruits...He describes the main components such as patchouli and bergemot, rose and musk.


*Donation. All proceeds go towards the IFA's Research project