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Mobile Phone Kickstand


Hold your smartphone securely with the IFA embossed masstige ring. Once attached to the back of your phone, the sturdy ring simply pulls out so you can place your finger through and experience a secure grip. This provides immense confidence that you have a good strong grip of your iPhone when you are using your device and are far less likely to drop your precious phone on the floor. 

The masstige ring is adjustable, allowing you to fold away or pull out at an angle that works for you. This makes the masstige ring comfortable to use, while of course secure in your grip

The masstige ring also acts as a portable viewing stand. Simply pull out the ring and rest your Phone on a desk so you can enjoy movies and video in comfort completely hands free.

Product Features

  • Comfortable, safe and secure grip
  • Horizontal and vertical kickstand
  • Reusable
  • Rotates 360 ° and swivels 180 °
  • Compact and slim design (6.1mm)
  • Ring can be applied and removed anytime without leaving any excess residue.
  • Ring’s pressure sensitive adhesive can be run under water when dirty then reapplied over and over.
  • Ring holds up to 15Ibs, making it suitable for iPads and tablets.