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Massage & Peaceful Pregnancy Gordon Inkeles*

On Sale: £2.99 was £5.95

With the same reassuring and intimate approach that made The Art of Sensual Massage and The New Massage so successful, Gordon Inkeles now provides parents-to-be with details of massage techniques especially beneficial duringpregnancy.Massage and Peaceful Pregnancy is an essential guide for expectant parents who want to enhance the shared experience of pregnancy through the pleasure of massage. Additionally, the active role demonstrated for the father-to-be ensures his full involvement at every stage of the pregnancy.This abundantly illustrated guide to massage during pregnancy shows parents how to ease the physical discomforts of gestation while promoting harmony and emotional well-being. There are special instructions for early and late pregnancy as well as for labour, delivery and after the birth. Information about the rudimentary strokes friction, percussion, kneading and stroking is clearly given before details of their application for a basic massage for the whole body 5k special ailments of pregnancy: morning sickness, circulatory problems, lactation stimulation and more a complete ten minute head massage a complete back massage for late pregnancy sk a day-by-day recovery programme for after the birthAlso included are preparation tips, positioning hints and experience- enhancing suggestions. Massage and Peaceful Pregnancy includes everything parents-to-be need to know about using massage to increase their pleasure of pregnancy.

*Donation. All proceeds go towards the IFA's Research project