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CO2 Extracts in Aromatherapy
by Madeleine Kerkhof


CO2 Extracts in Aromatherapy offers well trained (clinical) aromatherapists insights on the possible use of over 50 CO2 extracts in clinical practice. Learn

  • how they are made
  • what kind of molecules they possess 
  • where they are similar, or different to other oils and extracts
  • about their often exquisite fragrances
  • what their properties can be
  • how you can use them in clinical applications
  • with examples of successful blends
  • which dosages are advised
  • about safety advice on CO2 extracts
  • a range of application methods
  • how some of our peers use CO2 extracts

As one of the worlds very few pioneers in the use of CO2 extracts, the author has experimented extensively with these wonderful plant extracts in aromatic medicine and clinical aromatherapy, and studied available literature thoroughly. She continues to learn more every day on this fast developing, relatively new extraction methods and the wonderful botanicals that are now available to aromatherapists like you. Madeleine hopes this book will inspire you to adopt CO2 extracts in your practice too.