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Edition 113
Summer 2017

On Sale: £3.00 was £4.50

The Aromatherapy Times features informative articles written by industry experts keeping practitioners in touch with their work, clients, professional trends and more. It is also a useful source of reference for non-practitioners to develop their knowledge and understanding of aromatherapy. 

  • Effectiveness of the Usage of Various Solvents in Essential Oil Production from Tuberose Flower Waste (Polianthes Tuberose L.) by Enfleurage Method
  • Celery Seed (Apium Graveolens)
  • Chemical Composition and Anti-Proliferative Properties of the Essential Oil of Tanacetum Annuum L.
  • A Mixture of Essential Oils of Pogostemon Cablin, Jasminum Sambac and Zingiber Officinale as a Remedy for Cellulite
  • Constipation and Aromatherapy Massage: Benefits for Patients with Cancer
  • Counselling - Application, Suggested Uses, and Precautions for Stress Reduction
  • Endocrine System
  • Articulating your Articulations: Communication Skills for Therapists
  • Wanted – The Perfect Staff Member for my Salon
  • A Journey Through Provence
  • The Wounded Healer
  • IFA UK Conference 2017 Review

Edition 114
Autumn 2017

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Edition 115
Winter 2017

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Edition 116
Spring 2018

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