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Become a Corporate Member

IFA Corporate membership is extended to companies and service suppliers to the industry that advocate the safe use of aromatherapy and sourcing of essential oils in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Corporate membership is designed for companies to join our professional network and so that the IFA can promote ethical brands to our registrants and viewers.

Benefits of IFA Corporate Membership:

TICK WITH BOX.jpgYour company introduced to our entire database by newsletter

TICK WITH BOX.jpgNEW IFA Corporate Member Certificate

TICK WITH BOX.jpgUse of IFA Corporate Member Logo™ on your website and marketing – imbuing confidence in your brand. See Terms of Use of Logos.

TICK WITH BOX.jpgYour company to appear on the rotating banner on the front page of our website and under the supplier’s page, which we refer our members, the public and press to.

TICK WITH BOX.jpgAny discounts and offers you have promoted on our social media

TICK WITH BOX.jpgThe opportunity to become an IFA discount provider and included on the member benefits page and featured under the relevant heading in the members area

TICK WITH BOX.jpgPromoted at exhibitions we attend internationally

TICK WITH BOX.jpgPriority trade stand booking at IFA conferences plus discount

TICK WITH BOX.jpgOpportunity for articles to be featured in the Aromatherapy Times Magazine, registered with the British Library and held within the archive of the library

TICK WITH BOX.jpgFree copy of our quarterly journal – the Aromatherapy Times Magazine

TICK WITH BOX.jpgPublicity surrounding IFA registered Aromatherapy Awareness Week activities

TICK WITH BOX.jpgAccess to free member webinars

TICK WITH BOX.jpgPrioritised for purchasing supplies from when the IFA undertake charity projects

Registration Procedure

Before we can register you, we will need you to provide a link to your website and provide 5 samples of your product from across your range. These must be sent to our Head Office: IFA, 146 South Ealing Road, Ealing, London, W5 4QJ. Please remember to include a leaflet or business card so we can clearly identify you. If the company owner is also IFA qualified, you are exempt from supplying samples, as these would have been sampled as part of your qualifying assessment.

Please note, those applying must have an operational website.

What are we checking for? It is a condition of membership that the company provide sufficient information on their website and promotional literature about their products to allow customers to make informed decisions and also provide instruction on how to apply the product safely. As essential oils vary from crop to crop, they cannot be licensed; therefore, the company’s website must not make any medicinal claims regarding an aromatherapy product and provide guidance regarding dilution, where necessary. See the IFA’s correct labelling guidance as per the IFA's Purchasing Fixed Oils & Essential Oils for Therapeutic Uses Guidelines. Other factors taken into consideration are viscosity, freshness and quality of the products.

Once products are sampled, you will be provided with the link to the registration form 

The fee for IFA Corporate Membership is £250.00 per annum.