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The IFA Relaunch their Revised and Newly Named Aromacare Certified Course

Posted by Lauren at 14:57 on 11 Sep 2018


The UK registered charity “The International Federation of Aromatherapists”, which is the oldest governing body in clinical and holistic aromatherapy and pioneered aromatherapy in the NHS is relaunching its revised and newly named AROMACARE certified practitioner course. The publicity surrounding the relaunch aims to highlight its unique approach, explain who the qualification is suitable for and what its practitioners can do.

Aromacare Press Release.jpg

Aromacare is delivered as a practical hands-on training course combined with clearly defined taught curriculum elements. The course is delivered over 5 days and the final assessment involves completing a practical folder as well as demonstrating competence in massage and use of essential oils.

Aimed at educators, carers and parents, the Aromacare course teaches the safe and effective use of selected essential oils. It includes sessions about touch and massage as well as how to make aroma resources and aroma story massage books to communicate caring and understanding.  

 Aromacare has been used in schools, care homes, hospitals and in private practice by carers, teachers and parents as a positive strategy, bringing stress relief by reducing anxiety and promoting well-being to individuals who have restricting sensory, physical and mental health conditions. 

Families across the UK, whether caring for children, teenagers, adults or elderly parents are struggling to get the care they so desperately need. When there is no conventional treatment available to relieve symptoms, complementary care is often the form of support people turn to.

Aromatherapy has a proven research base that demonstrates that essential oils can help to create an atmosphere where the recipient feels cared for, physically relaxed, less anxious, and it also has the potential to play a vital role in care and recovery programmes.

Previously named Aromatouch, this method has been successfully running for a decade and been supported by Everton Football Club and Knowsley Council. Aromacare is a truly flexible course open to all. Aimed at anyone caring for others or those who would like to incorporate aromatherapy to support the path to rehabilitation, wellness, or as a means of self-care. 

A student who took the previous version of the Aromacare course said;
“I think that the Aromacare course can be beneficial for everyone, especially as the course is designed around vulnerable children and adults. As a Learning Disability Nurse, I have found the course to be very useful to the care of the service users. The massage and oils can help people to relax and also provide important nurturing touch and one to one time “ 

To find out more go to www.ifaroma.org  or contact the office on office@ifaroma.org or 0208 567 2243

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