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Apply Online

Thank you for your interest in joining the IFA. Please complete the form below to enable a member of the team to ascertain which category of membership you are eligible for or advise on how to meet the standards

Please complete the registration form in its entirety and provide the relevant evidence with your application. Please note the onus of responsibility lies with the applicant to supply the information in english. 

Once you have completed the form and been advised which category of membership you are eligible for you will then be sent a link to pay online. 

Qualification Evidence

Who was the awarding body of your qualification?
NB. This is who your school is accredited by. This will be stated on your certificate. Not to be confused with the name of your training provider, it is the awarding body (who writes the learning outcomes and examination content) that we require to ascertain membership category eligibility.
Please ensure the certificate(s) you provide/transcript of study evidences what was covered on the course, including Aromatherapy, Massage and Anatomy & Physiology (these may have been provided separately or been undertaken at various institutions). This is especially important if you have not selected an awarding body listed, whose curriculum we are familiar with.
If your certificate does not evidence what your qualification covered please provide a link to the course content.
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