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Articles and Case Studies

We hope you will find the following links to articles and case histories a useful source of information. You acknowledge that such information has not been written or edited by the IFA or its representatives and may contain inaccuracies, outdated information or errors. The IFA is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained. The IFA do not accept responsibility for the contents of links provided and does not necessarily represent the views of the IFA. Links from the IFA to third-party sites does not constitute an endorsement by the IFA of the parties or their products and the IFA has not investigated any of the claims made on their websites.

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*For any questions relating to the contents of an article please contact the author directly. 

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Aromatherapy and Ailments

Common Cold

Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine Aromatherapy and the Common Cold by Andrea Lawrence (MIFA)


Aromatherapy and Nits by Joannah Metcalfe

Aromatherapy and Animals


Cats and Essential Oils by Robert Tisserand


Aromatherapy and Beauty


Cracked Skin

Aromatherapy and cracked skin by Joannah Metcalfe

Aromatherapy and Emotional States


Aromatherapy and Grief by Joannah Metcalfe


Aromatherapy and Jealousy by Joannah Metcalfe

Nervousness (for exams/event)


PositiveHealth Healing Unresolved Trauma Through Meta-Aromatherapy by Christine Westwood (MIFA)

Well-being (in General)

Aromatherapy in the Media

Daily Mail

Hello Magazine

Aromatherapy and Medical Conditions:



Aromatherapy and Asthma by Christine Fisk


Aromatherapy and Bronchitis by Joannah Metcalfe

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Choice Healthand Wellbeing Magazine Aromatherapy and Depression by Pamela Wilson (MIFA).

Influenza (Flu)

Pain Management


Aromatherapy and Psoriasis by Joannah Metcalfe

Raynaud's Disease


Aromatherapy and Sinusitis by Joannah Metcalfe


Aromatherapy and Tonsillitis by Joannah Metcalfe

Warts and Verrucas

Varicose Veins

Aromatherapy and Varicose Veins by Joannah Metcalfe

Aromatherapy and Natural Progressions in the Body


Aromatherapy in practice in different environments/contexts

Home Use

In the work place

Maternity Care

Choice Health & Wellbeing Magazine The Role of Aromatherapy in Maternity Care by Susan Mousley (MIFA)

Residential Care

Massage World - Using Aromatherapy with Senior People to Promote Well-Being by Stephanie Lord (MIFA)

Business Practice

Avoiding Burnout

Labeling Products


Essential Oils


Testing Quality

Therapeutic Properties