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Refresher Courses (for those returning to Aromatherapy)

If you have not been professionally practicing for three (3) years or more due to illness, injury or other personal circumstances we recommend that you go on a refresher course to update your skills. The length of the refresher course will be assessed by an IFA approved Centre of your choice on an individual basis and is dependent on the following:

  • The length of time the aromatherapist has not practiced.
  • Whether the aromatherapist has undertaken some limited professional aromatherapy practice during this period: how often and for how long.
  • Whether the aromatherapist has worked in another similar or related healthcare profession where they have utilised or enriched some of their existing aromatherapy skills, e.g. anatomy physiology and pathology, botany, phyto-chemistry, body massage, nursing, counselling, another complementary therapy (acupuncture, homeopathy, reflexology, etc.)
  • Continual professional development (CPD) undertaken during this period; for example, short courses, workshops, seminars, presentations, further professional study (e.g. a degree, research, a writing sabbatical).

You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire available from an IFA approved Centre. For an expedient response please prepare a portfolio of evidence of practice before your temporary retirement for review i.e. CPD certificates, number of hours you have practiced professionally or otherwise on friends/family etc. If it is thought that a refresher course is needed, the tutor will be able to spend between one to three days enhancing your skills to the current standards.

NB. Please note refresher courses are aimed at those who originally qualified from an IFA approved Centre, rather than for beginners or those who have qualifications from other awarding bodies and forms part of IFA trained therapist's retainer package. Refresher courses are tuned to the individual's specific requirements for example updating the individual's skills in aromatherapy massage as per the IFA syllabus. Our approved providers do not offer tailored refresher courses to those who have been trained by other educational bodies, in this instance we would recommend that you attend an upgrade course, which will not only refresh your skills but build on them. 

What if there is not a refresher course available in my area? If there is not a refresher course available in your area then we will recommend that you attend CPD courses in the area(s) you feel you need to regain confidence. CPD courses can be found here.