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The IFA's mission is the preservation of health and wellbeing by advancing the knowledge, practice of and expertise in aromatherapy by education, teaching and training. Our vision is to be the leader in promoting and elevating aromatherapy by disseminating educational material as widely as possible to the public.

H - Health and wellbeing.pngH
Health and wellbeing
By advancing knowledge, practice and expertise in aromatherapy as a tool for health and wellbeing via the dissemination of educational material worldwide.


E - Ethical Research.pngE
Ethical scientific research into essential oils

By developing the science, art and practice of aromatherapy, reflecting the rich history of aromatic medicine and the diversity of aromatic plants used by many different cultures. To promote sustainability, responsible farming and evidence based research.

A - Advanced professional standards.pngA
Advanced professional standards of education and training

By training, examination, accreditation and registration of professional aromatherapists for the protection of the public.


L - Learning Pathways to Higher Education.pngL
Learning pathways to higher education

By constantly upgrading and reviewing qualifications and elevating standards in the practice of aromatherapy, continual professional development and supervision.


T - To Represent its Members.pngT
To represent its members

By representing its members before governmental and regulating bodies and promoting the growth and development of relations with mainstream and other healthcare professionals.


H - High Standards of Professionalism.pngH
High Standards of Regulation

By established Codes of Professional Practice, Ethics and Conduct. We investigate complaints about alleged breaches of our codes and impose disciplinary sanctions to maintain the integrity of our profession.