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Lista de lecturas recomendadas

 IFA recomienda los siguientes libros para ayudarle con sus estudios o para información general. Si tiene cualquier duda relacionada a la información contenida en el libro citado de o de otro modo por, favor contacte directamente con la editorial. Tenga en cuenta que, por lo que sabemos, los siguientes libros enumerados se encuentran disponibles solo en inglés.

Anatomía y Fisiología

  • Anatomy & Physiology for Therapists and Healthcare Professionals (textbook) by Ruth Hull
  • Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for the Massage Therapists by Su Fox & Darien Pritchard
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Beauty and Complementary Therapies (workbook) by Ruth Hull
  • Holistic Anatomy: An Integrative Guide to the Human Body (textbook) by Pip Waller
  • Practical Pathology for the Massage Therapist by Su Fox
  • Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Tortora & Grabowski
  • Ross & Wilson Anatomy & Physiology in Health & Illness by Anne Waugh and Allison Grant
  • The Clinical Medicine Guide: A Holistic Perspective (textbook) by Stephen Gascoigne’
  • Understanding Disease by John Ball
  • Trailguide to the Body by Andrew Biel
  • Muscle Manual by Nikita Vizniak
  • The Massage Connection (Anatomy and Physiology) by Kalyani Premkumar
  • A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology by Ruth Werner


  • A Modern Herbal by Mrs M.Grieve 
  • Aromadermatology by Janetta Bensouilah and Philippa Buck
  • Aroma: The Cultural History of Smell by Constance Classen, David Howes and Anthony Synnott
  • Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Colour by Rosemary Caddy
  • Aromatherapy: The Essential Blending Guide by Rosemary Caddy
  • Botany for Beginners Part I/Part II/Part III by Mike Hickey
  • The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia
  • Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless
  • Essential Oils by Jennifer Peace Rhind 
  • Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young
  • Gattefosse's Aromatherapy by Rene-Maurice Gattefosse
  • Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy by Suzanne Catty
  • Liquid Sunshine by Jan Kusmirek 
  • Natural Beauty Recipe Book: How to Make Your Own Organic Cosmetics and Beauty Products by Gill Farrer-Halls
  • Perfumery: The Psychology and Biology of Fragrance by Steve Van Toller and George Dodd
  • The Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual (Vol 1 & 2) by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger
  • The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils by E.Joy Bowles
  • The Chemistry of Essential Oils by David Williams
  • The Encyclopedia of Healing Plants by Chrissie Wildwood
  • The Practice of Aromatherapy by Dr Jean Valnet
  • Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Practice by Jane Buckle
  • Understanding Hydrolats by Len Price & Shirley Price
  • The Secret of Life and Youth by Marguerite Maury

Estudios Empresariales

  • A Guide to Starting Your Own Complementary Therapy Practice by Elaine M Aldred
  • Healthy Business by Madeleine Harland & Glen Finn
  • Marketing Tips for Complementary Therapists: 101 Tried and Tested Ways to Attract and Retain Clients by Steven A. Harold
  • The Sunday Times: the Business Plan Workbook 5th Edition by Colin Barrow, Paul Barrow & Robert Brown
  • The Small Business Start-Up Workbook by Cheryl D Rickman


  • Dynamic Bodyuse for Effective Strain-free Massage by Darien Pritchard
  • Handbook of Clinical Massage by Mario-Paul Cassar
  • Massage Therapy by Susan Salvo
  • Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage by Elizabeth Holey and Eileen Cook

Otros libros de interés

  • Clinical Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Childbirth by Denise Tiran

 ¿Puede mi libro ser listado? Si desea que su libro se incluya en esta lista, envíe su libro para su revisión y siga el procedimiento que se especifica aquí.