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Register your Company

Becoming a corporate member of the IFA raises your business’s profile within the industry and shows you are a committed to the future development of aromatherapy and ethos of the IFA. The IFA quality mark imbues confidence, providing you with an edge in an increasingly competitive market. Corporate membership is designed for companies to join our professional network. Our specialist industry needs input from companies as well as practitioners and consumers to enable us to represent the aromatherapy profession effectively before government bodies. Corporate membership is open to service suppliers and manufacturers in the aromatherapy industry who meet our approval criteria and agree to adhere to our terms and conditions. Corporate membership is £250.00 for 12 months. 

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Benefits of corporate membership include:

Use of Quality Mark

Use of the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ on their website and promotional campaigns. 

Entry onto Global Business Directory

Inclusion on our find a product directory, which we refer public, trade and press enquiries to regarding product providers on a daily basis. Companies can select up to five (5) categories of services they provide and appear under the various sub titles for that category. For example if you are a supplier of essential oils your details will appear under the oils you provide i.e. a supplier of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Mandarin (Citrus nobilis) etc, driving more business to your company.

Newsletter and Social Media Feature

Corporate members who receive awards or offer IFA members an exclusive discount off their products, can be featured in our newsletters (one entry a year) currently circulated to 11,600 and on our social media (following of 16,000 on facebook).

Trade Show(s)

Priority trade stand bookings at our UK and International Conferences including 10% off exhibitor fees and membership rates for visitor entrance. You are also given the opportunity to contribute a product sample accompanied by a leaflet for the goodie bag, given to each attendee. Corporate member details are also distributed at exhibitions attended by the IFA throughout the year i.e. COPA, Olympia Beauty with 15,000+ professionals in attendance. 


 Access to research and clinical trials proving the efficacy of aromatherapy and two free quarterly magazines - the IFA’s official journal the Aromatherapy Times registered with the British library and a digital copy of the Holistic Therapist Magazine.


Terms and Conditions:

  • The company and its representatives will comply with the Terms and Conditions of Membership.
  • The company and its representatives will comply with the Terms of Use of Logo Policy.
  • The company and its representatives will comply with the Terms of Use of Website Policy.
  • The company and its representatives will not state that the IFA endorse their products or place the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ on any products/product labels.
  • The company and its representatives will not position the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ next to promotion of any courses (there are separate opportunities for this).
  • The company agree to remove the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ once their subscription lapses (renewable each year).
  • The company understand that the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ may only be applied to the website address registered with the IFA. If a company has more than one website and/or in additional languages they will be required to extend their corporate membership outreach. Corporate members extending their trading boundary will receive a 25% discount off the registration fee for each additional website and region. 
  • The company and its representatives understand and accept that misuse of the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ or misrepresentation of what IFA corporate membership means, will result in immediate termination of membership. No refund or appeal will be given if this occurs.