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Teach an IFA Course

The IFA offer a variety of courses taught from our detailed syllabi, currently available in 5 languages. These are available to teachers in the format of a manual, to be used throughout course delivery. Each syllabus has clear aims and learning outcomes and provide a structure for teaching notes. They also include supplementary course notes as appendices to use as teaching aids and sample exam questions at the end of each module. Our syllabi are systematically reviewed to reflect the very latest techniques and research developments.

Our specialist courses range between levels 2 to 6 based on HE level descriptors, and have been designed to meet specific learners’ and employers’ requirements which cannot be satisfied through current regulated qualifications. Our courses prepare learners for employment in various health and social care environments. Enabling postgraduates to work in a multitude of medicinal, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as care homes, clinics and private practice.

Each course has flexible completion timeframes and methods of delivery, allowing providers to schedule teaching around their student’s needs and other commitments. All end-point assessments are conducted by an IFA external quality assurance assessor (EQA) to ensure standards are upheld; the mark of a true professional. We also have the UK University AI online exam system available for students in remote areas and to be inclusive of all learner requirements. To find out more about each course please see below: 

Aromatherapy Diploma Syllabus OverviewDownload.png

Professional Aromatherapy Diploma Course pitched HE Level 5 (includes massage) 
*Most popular course

PEOT Diploma Syllabus OverviewDownload.png

Professional Essential Oils Therapy Diploma (PEOT) HE Level 5-6 (product formulation - appeals to those who dont want to do massage) * Most versatile course

Aromacare Certificate Manual OverviewDownload.png

Aromacare level 2 course (5 day course + assessment for those with prohibited psychological or physical restrictions) *Niche sector course

There are four steps to becoming an IFA accredited course provider:

STEP 1.pngAromatherapy Qualifications

To teach one or more of our courses, the appointed principal teacher must be qualified in the course they intend to teach and hold the relevant IFA membership:

  • IFA Aromatherapy Diploma: IFA FULL MEMBERSHIP
  • IFA Aromacare Course: IFA FULL & CARER Membership

Teachers must be qualified for a minimum of 3 years before they can apply to be teacher, to ensure they have gained enough experience in the field. 

If you do not meet this criterion, you must enrol on an IFA course and apply for the respective membership category before proceeding. Alternatively, you can employ an IFA teacher who is already qualified. For details, please contact us. 

STEP 2.pngTeacher

The appointed principal teacher must hold a teaching qualification. Examples of teaching qualification we accept include: City & Guilds (7303, 7304, 7306, 7307, 7321; 7407), PGCE, PTTLS, ET01, CTLLSTrain the Trainer Award or undertaken IFA Teacher Training.

In the UK, teachers must be covered to teach through their insurance (most policies include this).

We also accept other related certifications and experience subject to approval, as we do appreciate that teaching qualifications are not available or required in some countries.

If the applicant does not hold qualifications to the relevant standard or is inexperienced, we may require the applicant to provide a video of their teaching in progress, instruct to undertake shadowing or other such training, until we are satisfied that they fulfil the criterion.

STEP 3.png Sample
Course Notes

Once you have met the teacher criterion, you need to purchase the syllabus of the course from which you intend to teach, as we will require sample course notes as part of your application. The syllabus can be purchased from our shop in the member's area.

Then, download the school application form, which stipulates what we require you to provide. Please read through carefully, and if at any point you require assistance, please contact us to arrange a zoom meeting so we can support you. 

Please note we do not accredit teachers separately. Each teacher is accredited on the basis that they teach an IFA course at an IFA registered school, so applications for teachers form part of your school application. Additional teachers can be added later as your school expands.
All fees relating to running an IFA course can be downloaded here

STEP 4.pngSite

Once we receive your application and the relevant checks are made, we will send you the Centre Handbook, which encompasses all rules and regulations relating to schools. You will be asked to confirm that you have read it and agree to abide by its terms.

We will then issue an accreditation invoice and arrange a site inspection of where the training will take place.  This is also a good opportunity to ask any additional questions you may have. 

On receipt of payment you will be issued with a school and teacher certificate accompanied by logo for promotion.

Your school will then be listed on the IFA website and you will be provided access details to the Centre Support area.

We will also request a copy of your logo for various promotional activities we undertake throughout the year.