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Course Accreditation


There are three routes to becoming an IFA accredited course provider:

Short Course Accreditation
(Courses between 1-3 days)

Deliver Short Courses and/or Workshops

Do not have to specifically relate to Aromatherapy
    (include allied subjects e.g. massage, health and
    safety, business and other complementary health and
    multi-discipline courses)

Acknowledged for CPD points with the IFA

 Use of IFA CPD Accredited Logo on your website

 Course details distributed to our database 

 Course details listed on our website for 12 months

 £100 per annum per course

Associate Course Provider
(Accreditation of your Course)

 No changes to how you operate

 Have accreditation in place already to a Level 3 or
     above. If you do not have prior accreditation in place
     please send us your course curriculum so that we
     may map it against a Level 3 standard 

Graduates are automatically eligible to join IFA
    & PSA (Professional Standards Authority) 
    Accredited Register as an ASSOCIATE member
    recognised by the NHS and form part of your
    course marketing. Associates received IFA certificate
     and badge

Listing on IFA Course Provider Directory and 

 Access to specialised guidance, teaching notes and

 Use of IFA Associate School Logo on our website
     and Associate School certificate

£150 per annum + £70 (Associate membership for

Teach the IFA Curriculum
(Deliver IFA Qualifications)

Recommended by Universities and Colleges                    Admissions service (UCAS) and UK Government
     National Careers Office

Choice of 3 specialised courses (to suit your schedule
    and audience):

1.  Professional Aromatherapy Diploma Course pitched
     HE Level 5 (includes massage - most popular)
2.  Professional Essential Oils Therapy Diploma (PEOT)
     HE Level 5-6 (essential oil consultancy and product
3.  Aromacare (5 day course + assessment for those with
     mental or physical restrictions

Graduates are automatically eligible to join IFA
     & PSA (Professional Standards Authority)
     Accredited Register as FULL or PEOT members
     recognised by the NHS

 Externally assessed examinations with IFA UK                 Examiner (delivered and invigilated worldwide) 

 Syllabus's with clearly defined curriculum content
     and learning outcomes aiding teachers to create
     structured course material

 Access to teaching note examples, supplementary
     guidance, templates, forms for structuring
     assessment materials

Support: a dedicated team member allocated to assist
     you. Established Education Committee and specialist
     panel of advisors to assist with aromatherapy related