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Suppliers (Corporate Members)

The following companies supply essential oils, carrier oils, pre-blended oils, hydrosols and equipment for product formulation and the delivery of massage. Some providers also offer IFA registered members a discount so please check with the provider. All companies listed are IFA registered corporate members and comply with the IFA’s standards of Good Business Practice and advocate the sourcing of essential oils and raw materials in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Please note the IFA has not tested the products listed and do not endorse products as a non-commercial charity or recommend any particular supplier over another. The aim of this list is to provide the public, press and aromatherapists, suppliers of products who voluntarily comply with our ethos and are committed to the future development of aromatherapy. Please note, some companies are falsely claiming to be a corporate member of the IFA, or are alluding to registered status by making statements such as ‘Adhering to IFA standards’ or misuse of the IFA logos etc. This deception is not permitted and the IFA will take appropriate action against any company who make such claims. If a company is not included in this list, they are not registered with the IFA and we appreciate you reporting it to us

Register Your Company

IFA Corporate membership is extended to companies/service suppliers/manufacturers that advocate the safe use of aromatherapy and sourcing of essential oils in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Corporate membership is designed for companies to join our professional network and for us to promote ethical brands to our registrants and viewers.

Benefits of IFA Corporate Membership:

  • Your company introduced to our entire database by newsletter
  • Use of IFA Corporate Member Logo™ on your website and marketing – imbuing confidence in your brand
  • Your company to appear under the Corporate page of our website, which we refer our members, the public and press to for supplies
  • Any discounts and offers you may have promoted on our social media
  • Opportunity for inclusion in the Aromatherapy Times Magazine, registered with the British Library and held within the archive of the Library
  • Free copy of our quarterly Aromatherapy Times Magazine
  • Publicity surrounding IFA Registered Aromatherapy Awareness Week
  • Access to FREE member only online Seminars, Webinars and Workshops speakers have included Salvatore Battaglia, Susan Parker, E. Joy Bowles, Suzanne Catty, Madeleine Kerkhof to name but a few! There are currently 20 + ready to view

The fee for IFA Corporate Membership is £250.00 per annum. Before we can register you we will need you to provide 5 samples of your product which must be sent to our Head Office: IFA, 146 South Ealing Road, Ealing, London, W5 4QJ (Please remember to include a leaflet or business card so we know who you are!). Once verified we can send you the registration form.

What are we looking for? It is a condition of membership that the company provide sufficient information on their website and promotional literature about their products to allow customers to make informed decisions and also provide instruction on how to apply the product safely. As essential oils vary from crop to crop, they cannot be licensed; therefore, the company’s website must not make any medicinal claims regarding an aromatherapy product and provide guidelines regarding dilution, where necessary. The information printed on product labels must meet the IFA ‘correct labelling’ requirements as per the IFA's Purchasing Fixed Oils & Essential Oils for Therapeutic Uses Guidelines.