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Service User Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that every customer who approaches the IFA to use our services or obtain information has realistic expectations of what we can provide.  

Scope of services we provide to the public:

Information regarding aromatherapy
Information about aromatherapy can be found here. 

If a member of the public wants to receive more specific or specialised information they will either be:

  1. Referred to a practitioner to discuss their needs. 
  2. Referred to join the membership, which affords access to more detailed information as part of our benefits package e.g. mentors, condition specific guidance cancer/pregnancy, contraindications in aromatherapy and massage, dosage guidelines, research etc.
  3. Referred to an approved training provider to undertake training.
  4. Referred to the press and media section of our website where you can request the IFA to write an article on a particular topic for publication.
  5. Referred to the Code of Conduct, Ethics and Practice if you are unsure of how to handle a situation with a client.
  6. Referred to back issues of the Aromatherapy Times Journal which provide healthcare professionals with evidence-based information to integrate into their clinic and advice that would benefit clients and colleagues. It also provides valuable information on a host of topics for professional practice, self-care and home pharmacy. 
  7. Referred to the recommended reading list.
  8. Referred to the resources page of the website which provides links to other websites containing specific information.  
  9. Referred to articles and case studies page, which provides links to articles on essential oils and various topics. 
  10. Referred to our aromatherapy and research page, which provides links to websites where you can source essential oil research and provides examples. 

If your enquiry falls outside of this scope or is not answered on our website, the IFA will refer you back to your original training provider or may request a reasonable charge for providing this information.

Information regarding training 
All information relating to training can be found by clicking here. Please see the learner handbook which aims to answer the vast majority of questions you may have. For all additional enquiries you must contact an IFA approved Centre directly. Our approved Centres teach the IFA curriculum, which is underpinned by clinical evidence and credible research and we provide access to our training programmes through our approved centres.

If you cannot find an IFA approved Centre in your area then you should check the list of awarding body qualifications that we do accept for entry level onto our register and undertake the relevant research to resource an accredited provider near you. 

Information regarding teaching 
All information relating to teaching an IFA course can be found by clicking here. The information provided covers how to teach an IFA course and also other types of teaching qualifications you may obtain. 

Information regarding membership
All information relating to becoming a member can be found by clicking here. It is the applicant’s responsibility to show how they meet those standards. Please ensure you have read the relevant guidance and completed the necessary form before submission to the IFA. 

Information regarding an aromatherapy practitioner
The IFA is the voluntary regulator for aromatherapy worldwide. In this capacity we regulate those who have voluntary agreed to abide by our rules and have met the required standards in training. We do not have a monopoly over all aromatherapy practitioners. We stress to the public that they should only seek aromatherapy treatments from those that are regulated and are part of a professional body, like the IFA, for their own protection. For information regarding how the IFA regulates its practitioners click here

Press enquiries
All opportunities and enquiries relating to how we can assist journalists and interviewers can be found by clicking here. Please ensure you have completed the necessary forms to formally request the IFA to contribute on a particular topic. 

Opinions and Commentary
As an impartial charity the will not be able to comment or provide opinions on companies or any other third party providers. The IFA is unable to enter into discussions regarding any persons or training companies which are not registered with the IFA or give opinions on statements or press releases which have not been produced by the IFA. If the IFA chooses to respond to a topic in the media it will feature under its blog page

Frequently asked questions
Please peruse our frequently asked questions page


Complaints regarding a registrant
To raise a concern regarding an IFA registrant you must first read the Member Complaints Policy, which explains the procedure and complete the complaints form.

Complaints regarding a Centre
To raise a concern regarding an IFA Centre you must first read the Centre Complaints Policy, which explains the procedure and complete the enclosed complaints form.

Complaints regarding the IFA
To raise a concern regarding the service you have received from the IFA you must first read the Complaints Regarding IFA Policy and follow the enclosed procedure.

Reporting abuse or misuse of IFA status or logo
To report abuse or misuse or IFA status please complete the following form and submit the relevant evidence.

Miscellaneous Complaints
If you wish to raise a concern that does not fall under any of the above categories but simply wish to inform the IFA of an issue you believe in the public interest this must be put in writing to the IFA. Please note however the IFA may not be able to take any action but appreciate being kept informed.

The IFA do not receive or act on complaints that are not made in writing or have followed the necessary protocol.

Thank you

Unacceptable behaviour

The IFA recognises the importance of meeting service users’ expectations of a high standard of customer service but not at the cost of the abuse of its services or the mistreatment of its staff. The IFA recognises that people may act out of character when in distress or difficulty, however, it is if/when behaviour becomes rude, aggressive or unreasonable that the IFA will take action. 

Unacceptable behaviour is defined as behaviour which is aggressive, vexatious, and persistent or any form of abusive behaviour. It also includes persistent unreasonable demands. Behaviour is not viewed as unacceptable just because a person is forceful or persistent, however, the actions of service users who are angry, demanding or persistent may result in unreasonable demands or behaviour towards employees, which in turn would be deemed as unacceptable. The service user’s action may also be considered unreasonably persistent if all internal review mechanisms have been exhausted and the customer continues to challenge the decision relating to their complaint or dispute.

Where the IFA have informed a service user that their behaviour is unacceptable, in writing, by phone, or in person this will be considered an initial warning. If they do not cease their unacceptable behaviour, the IFA will cease communication with the individual and the individual may not use our services or has permission to access our website. 

Feedback is always welcome and we appreciate you taking the time to complete a short questionnaire to inform our work.