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Those Falsely Claiming IFA Status or Misuse of Logo

For the protection of the public, below you can find individuals and companies that are claiming IFA status and/or are misusing an IFA logo when they are not currently registered with the IFA. 


Jade Moon http://jademoon.com.my/


Chick and Chick www.chicandchick.com
Amphora Aromatics www.amphora-aromatics.com



None listed to date.

This page is curently being updated and will be updated on a regular basis. The IFA will write to those misusing any of the IFA logo's or claiming IFA status within 3 working days of being made aware. If they do not remove the infringement or misleading information they will be included on this list to ensure the public are made aware. 

Reporting Misuse and Abuse

We appreciate the public reporting misrepresentation or misuse of the IFA logo or status to us, to report it please complete the form below:

*The IFA will not share whistle-blowers information with third-parties and will be treated as strictly confidential.