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IFA Corporate membership is extended to companies/service suppliers/manufacturers that advocate the safe use of aromatherapy and support the ethos of the IFA. It is a condition of membership that the company provide sufficient information on their website and promotional literature about their products to allow customers to make informed decisions and also provide instruction on how to apply the product safely. As essential oils vary from crop to crop, they cannot be licensed; therefore, the company’s website must not make any medicinal claims regarding an aromatherapy product and provide guidelines regarding dilution, where necessary. The information printed on product labels must meet the IFA ‘correct labelling’ requirements as per the IFA's Purchasing Fixed Oils & Essential Oils for Therapeutic Uses Guidelines. The IFA will request to sample five products from across a company’s range in order to check product labelling, viscosity where necessary, freshness and quality. IFA Corporate membership is £250.00 for 12 months. 

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Becoming a corporate member of the IFA raises your business’s profile within the industry and imbues confidence in your brand, providing you with an edge in an increasingly competitive market. Corporate membership is designed for companies to join our professional network and to promote ethical brands to our registrants and audience. Our specialist industry needs input from service suppliers as well as practitioners and consumers to enable us to represent the aromatherapy profession effectively before government bodies. Benefits include: 

Use of Quality Mark

Use of the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ on your company website and promotional campaigns. 

Social Media Presence

All Corporate Members are introduced to our followers and viewers on our social media (15,000 followers on facebook, 5,100 Twitter). Links to seasonal sales and any awards you receive can also be featured. The IFA may also select and share a number of your blog entries to increase awareness dependent on appropriateness. 

Newsletter Feature

All Corporate Members are introduced to our registrants and subscribers through our newsletters (circulation of 11,600). Many of our attendees are self-employed and own their own clinics, salons and spas, so have total control over purchasing decisions for their business and are also in a central position to make recommendations to colleagues and their clients. 

Discounted Supplier

If you decide to offer IFA members an exclusive discount off your products this will be highlighted on the product directory, featured in the member’s area of the website and the IFA’s journal the Aromatherapy Times. All discount suppliers are also introduced in our newsletters, and featured under facebook ‘offers’.

Trade Show(s)

Priority trade stand bookings at our UK and International Conferences including 10% off exhibitor fees and membership rates for visitor entrance. You are also given the opportunity to contribute a product sample accompanied by a leaflet for the goodie bag, given to each attendee. Many of the companies who have contributed to previous events have found this an effective way of reaching out to their niche market, with many of our members remaining loyal to such brands. Corporate member details are also distributed at exhibitions attended by the IFA throughout the year i.e. COPA, Olympia Beauty with 15,000+ professionals in attendance. 

Additional Social Awareness Opportunities

Corporate members are extended additional opportunities to extend their outreach. For example, you can offer products/hamper to be provided as a competition prize to our registrants, which are featured on our newsfeed for 2 months as well as our social media. Sponsor products for our charity projects, which are featured in local and national press.


Access to research and clinical trials evidencing the efficacy of aromatherapy and two free quarterly magazines - the IFA’s official journal the Aromatherapy Times registered with the British library and a digital copy of the Holistic Therapist Magazine.


  • The company must offer products which are relevant and beneficial to the aromatherapy profession.
  • The company must have an active website evidencing the products they offer.
  • The company must be in good standing.
  • The company must provide to the IFA, five (5) products from across their range to verify appropriateness. 
  • The company is required at all times to comply with relevant laws and regulations of the country in which they operate and in relation to the specific product(s) they provide. For example, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency GuidelinesCosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association GuidelinesProduct Safety for Manufacturers. As a general principle, all companies must uphold standards of good business practice to remain in good standing as a member. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from membership.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The company and its representatives will comply with the Member Terms and Conditions.
  • The company and its representatives will comply with the Terms of Use of Logo Policy.
  • The company and its representatives will comply with the Terms of Use of Website Policy.
  • The company and its representatives will not state that the IFA endorse their products or place the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ on any products/product labels.
  • The company agree to remove the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ once their subscription lapses (renewable each year).
  • The company understand that the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ may only be applied to the website address registered with the IFA. If a company has more than one website and/or in additional languages they will be required to extend their corporate membership outreach. Corporate members extending their trading boundary will receive a 25% discount off the registration fee for each additional website and region. 
  • The company and its representatives understand and accept that misuse of the IFA Corporate Member Logo™ or misrepresentation of what IFA corporate membership means, will result in immediate termination of membership. No refund or appeal will be given if this occurs.