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We hope you will find the following links a useful source of information. You acknowledge that such information has not been written or edited by the IFA or its representatives and may contain inaccuracies, outdated information or errors. The IFA is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained. The IFA do not accept responsibility for the contents of links provided and does not necessarily represent the views of the IFA. Links from the IFA to third-party sites does not constitute an endorsement by the IFA of the parties or their products and the IFA has not investigated any of the claims made.


For information relating to essential oils with animals (the IFA only advice of the application with humans) please visit the following websites:

Condition Specific Support

If you require additional information and support for a specific condition you may also benefit from contacting a specific condition organisation or charity, some of which also provide supportive networks, research, seminars and can put you in touch with others in a similar situation please click here. 


The art of distillation from the 17th Century www.levity.com

Endangered Essential Oils

For information relating to threatened essential oil species please visit the following websites:

Essential Oil Chemical Components and Therapeutic Properties

For information relating to specific essential oils please visit the following websites:

Herbmed www.herbmed.org 
Herb Research Foundation www.herbs.org
Jeanne Rose Blog http://jeanne-blog.com
Oils and Plants www.oilsandplants.com
Levity www.levity.com
Perfect Potions (essential oil monographs) www.perfectpotion.com.au
The Good Scents Company www.thegoodscentscompany.com

Essential Oils & Drug Interactions

Drug Interactions https://www.drugs.com/drug_interactions.html

Essential Oil Farming 

Soil Association www.soilassociation.org

NHS Hospitals and Hospices Offering Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies is demanded by patients and hence the provision of services provided by the NHS. Complementary therapies are provided for patients, service users, carers and their family members in almost every cancer and palliative care service in the country. Some of the most well known include: 

Multi-discipline and CAM Updates

CAM Quest www.cam-quest.org/en
Cochrane Complementray Medicine https://cam.cochrane.org/
College of Natural Medicine www.collegeofmedicine.org.uk
Positive Health www.positivehealth.com/users/register
The Research Council for Complementary Medicine www.rccm.org.uk

Parliamentary Reports and Debates

Pioneers of Aromatherapy

The fathers and mothers of alternative medicine www.oilsandplants.com

Pregnancy and Aromatherapy

NHS Chelsea and Westminister Hospital: Guidance for the use of Aromatherapy on the Birthing Unit 
NHS Royal Berkshire: Aromatherapy use in Labour Care (GL1085)

Products and Cosmetics

For information relating to labelling, advertising and regulating of product contents and guidelines please visit the following websites:

We also recommend you read our articles and case studies page and our blog entries.