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Aromatherapy Books

We have a range of books available to complement your studies or if you simply want to learn more about aromatherapy and allied subjects. We upload books systematically so please check this page regularly for updates. 

The books marked with a * are second hand and have been donated. These are books that are in good condition, however may have minor scuffs and marks or previous owners name in the inside cover. All proceeds from donated books go towards our charity projects

Aromatherapy Books (for beginners)

Aromatherapy (Advanced)

Aromatherapy a Practical Approach 2nd Edition
by Vicki Pitman

£6.99 was £21.99

Aromatherapy an A-Z
by Patricia Davis*


Aromatherapy Workshop
by Nicole Perez

£7.99 was £14.99

Essential Oil Safety
by Robert Tisserand


The Fragrant Mind
by Valerie Worwood*

£4.99 was £16.99

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology
Workbook by Ruth Hull


Atlas of Anatomy
by Trevor Weston*


Complete Family Health Encyclopedia*

£9.99 was £31.04

The Visual Dictionary of the Human Body*


Condition Specific


Multi Discipline

A Woman’s Herbal
by Kitty Campion*


Alternative Medicine
by Reader’s Digest*


Colour Healing
by Theo Gimbel*


Colour Your Life
by Howard & Dorothy Sun*


Homoeopathic Medicine
by Dr Trevor Smith*


Mother Nature’s Herbal
by Judy Griffin*


by Tanmaya Honervogt


Sense and Soul: Integrating Science & Religion*

£4.99 was £23.00

The Five Senses
by Jan de Vries*



Colour Works
by Philippa Merivale*

£4.99 was £14.99

New Book of Perfumes
by John Oakes*

£3.99 was £8.99

Perfume Lover
by Denyse Beaulieu*

£4.99 was £14.99


Business Books

Other Language Books

Aromatherapie by Marie Claire Lapare


Le Drainage Lymphatique Theorie et pratique


Les Huiles Essentielles by F Padrini*


Nouveau guide de Phytotherapie Broche*


Soignez-vous avec les Huiles Essentielles