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Public and Employers

Aromatherapy is one of the most popular and beneficial forms of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). The definition of CAM is to promote health, relieve sickness and alleviate a variety of medical conditions, which is exactly what our aromatherapists can do for you. The purpose of our register is to enhance public safety and help the public and employers make informed decisions by providing a list of practitioners who uphold the highest standards of practice, giving you peace of mind. Be assured that those displayed on our register have been professionally trained and critically assessed, hold insurance, are first-aid qualified, undertake continual professional development and are governed by stringent codes of professional practice, ethics and conduct. Our registrants provide not only a deeply relaxing treatment but also sound guidance to use in everyday life to maintain optimum health. Evidence proves the efficacy of aromatherapy as a preventative measure against the build-up of stress and onset of ill-health related issues. Take charge of your health, the health of loved ones and employees, restock and restore and book a treatment today. 

Please note: The IFA cannot advise the public on treatments they have received from non-IFA registered members. Equally, if therapists have questions regarding the training they have received by a non-IFA approved course provider you will be advised to direct your questions to your original provider and/or their regulator as per our Service User Policy. Since the establishment of the IFA in 1985, other organisations and companies have been set up with their own principles and standards in aromatherapy. The IFA is not responsible for other third party comments, practices or views on aromatherapy nor will the IFA comment or provide opinions as an impartial charity. Our curriculum is underpinned by clinical evidence and credible research and we provide access to our training programmes through our approved centres. We recommend that anyone receiving a treatment or undertaking training should thoroughly research the company and ensure that the person or company is regulated by a governing body, like the IFA, whose aim is to the protect the public by providing access to trained professionals acting in accordance with our rules.