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Member Achievements

The aim of this page is to showcase examples of some the achievements of IFA members and bring to the attention of the press how our therapists have made a mark on the industry and to inspire budding students that through hard work, they too could one day be included in this list.

Published Authors


Beauty Product Lines

Some of our members have gone on to create well known product lines for example.

  • Aromatherapy Associates
  • Butterbur & Sage
  • Eve Taylor London
  • Fragrant Earth
  • Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy
  • Pepperfit
  • Roques O'Neil Therapie
  • Tisserand Aromatherapy

External Awards

Some of our members have received prestigious awards for the contribution they have made to the Aromatherapy profession and acknowledgement of their expertise.

  • 2018 Tatina Semprini (MIFA) "Best Deep Tissue Massage Therapist 2018" at the Lux Health and Beauty Awards 2018
  • 2018 Tatina Semprini (MIFA) "Massage Therapist of the Year 2017" London & LUX Excellence Award for Sports Massage Therapy 2017
  • 2017 Shiho Takahashi (MIFA) "Best Health & Beauty Therapy Clinic 2017" at the LUX International Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards, Japan
  • 2015 Germaine Rich (MIFA) & Catherine Milne (MIFA) Beauty Shortlist Awards 2015: WINNER Best Aromatherapy Brand - Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy
  • 2015 Germaine Rich (MIFA) & Catherine Milne (MIFA) Harmonie: WINNER Best Bath Oil - Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy
  • 2015 Germaine Rich (MIFA) & Catherine Milne (MIFA) Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards - Pregnancy - Silver Best Bath Oil - Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy
  • 2014 Eve Layor OBE (MIFA) entered to the US Hall of Legends
  • 2013 Michelle Roque O'Neil (MIFA) cited as one of the world's top ten Aromatherapist in Vogue
  • 2013 Joanna Hoare (MIFA) Life Time Achievement Award after retiring from an illustrious career of more than 50 years in the industry
  • 2008 Eve Taylor (MIFA) was awarded an O.B.E (Officer of the British Empire) by Her Majesty the Queen of England for her contribution to the profession and industry
  • 2005 Sue Mousley (MIFA) joint winner of the Prince of Wales Foundation of Integrated Health and Good Practice Awards
  • 1990 Valerie Worwood (MIFA) awarded a Doctorate from the Open University for Complimentary Medicine and awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine for her theses and publications in Aromatherapy
  • 1989 Anne Chance (MIFA) Aromatherapist of the Year Award for her work with the elderly and brain damaged children
  • 1988 Linda Tenant (MIFA) Aromatherapist of the Year Award for her volunteer work with Aids patients at St Stephens Hospital, London

Internal Awards

Honorary and Fellowship Awards

Honorary and Fellowship awards are granted to those who are distinguished within their field and have made a profound contribution to the profession. Many of whom we are proud to say were or have been IFA members and advocates since our inception. Recipients of this life-time award is granted to:

  • Micheline Arcier
  • Sylvia Baker
  • Margaret Jolanta Basnyet
  • Salvatore Battaglia
  • Sue Beechey
  • Doreen Bennetts
  • Ann Bird
  • Tony Burfield
  • Patricia Christopher-McAlpine
  • Ishvara D'Angelo formerly Patricia Davies
  • Gaynor Davenport
  • Pierre Franchome
  • Sylvia Galleguillos
  • June Gibbs
  • Heather Godfrey
  • Bernie Hephrun
  • Joanna Hoare
  • Geraldine Howard
  • Yoshitsugu Ichikawa
  • Tammy Liu
  • Dr Vivian Lunny
  • Nicole Perez
  • Carole Preen
  • Shirley Price
  • Irene Smith
  • Eve Taylor OBE
  • Robert Tisserand
  • Germaine Rich
  • Daniele Ryman
  • Bharti Vyas
  • Dr Dietrich Wabner
  • Dr Valerie Worwood
Exemplary Service Award

Exemplary service awards are granted to members who have selflessly dedicated their time to promoting the IFA and assist the IFA in furthering its objectives in their country. Their contributions have helped all their member colleagues and we are extremely and grateful and proud. Recipients of this award:

  • Ann Bird
  • Ayako Berg
  • Joanna Hoare
  • Tammy Liu
  • Tomoko Bendzel
Aromatherapist of the Year Awards

Previous Winners:

Linda Tenant for her volunteer work with Aids patients at St Stephens Hospital, London
Anne Chance for her work with the elderly and brain damaged children   


Public Speaking on behalf of the IFA at:

  • Anti Ageing Show - Andrea Lawrence (MIFA)
  • Camexpo - Michelle Roque O'Neil (MIFA) and Susan Mousley (MIFA)
  • Clothes Show Live - Susan Mousley (MIFA)
  • Int Aromatherapy Conference Singapore - Joanna Hoare (MIFA)
  • Olympia Beauty - Lindsay Woodman (MIFA)

Publications in the field:

A selection of articles written by IFA members.

Magniffisance: Awakening the senses to a new world of experiences by Nicole Perez

Birth Light: An audit measuring the effectiveness of baby massage and yoga classes by Elizabeth Thompson (MIFA)

Daily Express Crystal Aromatherapy by Michelle Roque O'Neil (MIFA)
Trust George Eliot hospital hosts visit from Japanese Aromatherapist Teacher (MIFA)

Massage World - Spice of Life by Michelle Roque O' Neil (MIFA)
Massage World - Wellness at Work an Aromatic Solution by Heather Godfrey (FIFA)
Ealing Times: Hanwell spa gives hospice helping hand in Aromatherapy Awareness Week Dinesh Kotecha (MIFA)

Massage World - Using Aromatherapy with Senior People to Promote Well-Being by Stephanie Lord (MIFA)
Massage World - Emotional Balance by Michelle Roque O' Neil (MIFA)
Massage World - Stress and Aromatherapy by Colleen O' Flaherty-Hilder (MIFA)

Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine Aromatherapy and the Common Cold by Andrea Lawrence (MIFA)
Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine Back Pain and Aromatherapy by Gill Farrer Halls (MIFA)
Dermascope AIA Legend: Eve Taylor (MIFA) 50th Anniversary

Daily Mail Aromatherapy and Cancer by Geraldine Howard (MIFA)
Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine Aromatherapy and Depression by Pamela Wilson (MIFA)
Choice Health & Wellbeing Magazine Aromatherapy Wellness: How it Works by Heather Godfrey (FIFA)
Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine The Oils in your Home
Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine The Value of Aromatherapy for those Physically Challenged by Vivian Lunny (MIFA)
Micheline Arcier Therapie Company - What makes a pioneer? by Germaine Rich (MIFA)
College of Medicine George Eliot Hospital Aromatherapy and Maternity Unit Susan Mousley (MIFA) Coordinator

Daily Post So Near So Spa featuring Lindsay Woodman (MIFA)
Haslmere Herald Beauty Therapy Is Not Just Skin Deep about Joanna Hoare (MIFA)
Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine Instinct, Intuition and health via the use of essential oils by Martin Stubbs (MIFA)
Choice Health & Wellbeing Magazine Aromatherapy for People with Cancer by Joanna Hoare (MIFA)
Choice Health & Wellbeing Magazine The Lavenders & Lavandines by Ulla-Maija Grace (MIFA)
Choice Health & Wellbeing Magazine The Role of Aromatherapy in Maternity Care by Susan Mousley (MIFA)

Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine Aromatherapy and Wellness by Heather Godfrey (MIFA)
Connections Magazine Massage and Menopause by Susan Mumford (MIFA)
Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine Aromatherapy Relieving Stress by Andrea Lawrence (MIFA)

Midirs A midwife's reflection on experiences as an Aromatherapist in midwifery by Sue Mousley (MIFA)
Positive Health Wise Women Change and Heal by Lindsay Woodman (MIFA)

Positive Health Case Study - Remarkable Aromatherapy by Lindsay Woodman (MIFA)

Positive Health Enjoy Winter With Plants and Aromatherapy by Barbara Payne (MIFA)
Peterborough Telegraph An OBE for Eve Taylor (MIFA), 75, an original Avon Lady

The Telegraph Scents that are here to stay by Danièle Ryman (MIFA)

Positive Health The Effect of Aromatherapy Treatment on Raised Arterial Blood Pressure by Jolanta Basynet (MIFA)
Positive Health Hydrolats for Therapeutic Use by Barbara Payne (MIFA)
Positive Health Essential Oils from the Tibetan Shangri-La by Jolanta Basnyet (MIFA)

Positive Health Healing Unresolved Trauma Through Meta-Aromatherapy by Christine Westwood (MIFA)
Positive Health Aromatherapy by Vivian Lunny (MIFA)

Positive Health Parkinson's Disease Project by Shirley Price (MIFA)
Positive Health The Profession, Standards and Safety of Oils by Sylvia Baker (MIFA)
Spirit Magazine Massage by Susan Mumford (MIFA)


Television Appearances

Chrissy B Show - Elizabeth Thompson (MIFA) - Aromatherapy and fatigue


Radio Appearances

BBC Radio Stoke - Marie Wayte (MIFA) - Essential oils to relieve stress during COVID
Drive Time Radio Station - Elizabeth Thompson (MIFA) - Aromatherapy (in general)



Mum and Working Interview with Colleen O' Flaherty-Hilder (MIFA) 
Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation with Heather Dawn Godfrey (MIFA)

Volunteer Work

To read about our members volunteer work click here. 

Please note these lists are not exhaustive*

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