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All the webinars listed are FREE to all IFA registered therapists to support them in their continual professional development (CPD). Previous webinar recordings can be accessed in the members area and are typically 1-2 hours with a Q&A. If you are not a member of the IFA but would like to access our webinars you are welcome to join us as a friend member

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17th July 2024 @ 7pm LIVE

Wild Life: Shinrin-yoku and The Practice of Healing Through Nature Webinar

This webinar will explore our primal belonging to Nature and a deep dive into how Nature facilitates enhanced physiological and psychological wellbeing. Shinrin-yoku arose in Japan in response to epidemics of stress and exhaustion amongst the population – offering a slow, calming walk in ancient protected forests full of Kami -nature spirits, silence and cool clean air. It is only an illusion that we are somehow separate and superior to Nature; ‘Wild Life’ touches on the origins of this false perception alongside practical suggestions for re-wilding our inner psyches, re-inhabiting our bodies and senses and examining the active components of the much claimed healing properties of Shinrin-yoku, including Phytoncides.

About Stefan 

Founder: Nature and Therapy UK

After training and working originally as an Environmental Educator and Park Ranger, Stefan re-trained as a Psychotherapist and Outdoor Activity Instructor following a period of depression. Stefan was a founding pioneer of Ecotherapy in the UK in the early nineties, culminating in setting up the highly acclaimed Ecotherapy Project with Plymouth NHS. He has been lecturing on the benefits of Nature for recovery from mental illness in the Clinical Psychology department at the University of Plymouth for the last 27 years, and in 2017 he set up Nature and Therapy UK - offering 1:1 and group Ecotherapy sessions, and training Shinrin Yoku practitioners from around the world. Stefan believes we all have a primal and spiritual relationship to Nature as our ‘home’.


Recordings Available in the Members Area:


The Spiritual Dimension of Scents Webinar *More Available

In this masterclass, Salvatore will explore the role of scent within culture and spiritual practices and how this relates to the way we use essential oils today. Researchers have always struggled to understand the complex role of scent. We will explore the six key factors that I believe contribute to the spiritual dimension of scent: biophilia, awe, sacred space, rituals, myths and neurobiology.


Sacred Oils – To Heal Spirit and Soul Webinar

This webinar focuses on working one-to-one with dying people in the last days of life to ease the passage and bring relief from fear and suffering. Felicity explains her Gentle Dying method (now called TLC) which offers comfort when medicine has reached its limits. It can be learned and used by anyone, in any care setting, to make death a peaceful and
dignified experience.


Aromatherapy and Women's Mental Health Webinar

Pam will touch upon the promising evidence base and clinical findings from her 20+years experience. Her, Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Aromatherapy research study showed significant positive results. "Women's Health Aromatherapy evidence based guidebook for nurses, midwives and therapists". Published in August 2023, "Aromatherapy and Women's Mental Health" which will be the focus of the webinar.


Essential Oils & The Chinese Meridian Time Clock Webinar

In classic Oriental, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, all disease is seen as disordered elements. Restoring balance to the five (5) elements and the harmonious flow of Chi is at the heart of Chinese medicine. In this webinar you will find out the actions associated with each element the chakras and essential oils to use to balance the 5 elements and restore the flow of chi through the organ meridians.


Facial Freedom: Releasing Stress Stored in the Muscles Webinar

This webinar explores how working with the neglected muscles and nerves of the face and head have a profound impact on the brain and nervous system for better facial balance and muscle tone. We'll also investigate what Dr. Stephen Porges calls the "social engagement system" and its impact on unresolved trauma, social anxiety, depression and more.


Autism, Neurodiversity and Sensory Processing Webinar

Each of us have unique ways in which our brains function, unique sensory systems and unique ways of navigating the world. Join me as we explore a somatosensory approach to supporting neurodivergent children and teens navigate the world with more comfort, curiosity and connection through yoga and mindfulness practices. We’ll explore our own senses and how yoga can support sensory processing, sensory integration and self-regulation.


The Effect of Aromatherapy on COVID-19-Induced Anxiety Webinar

Dr. Jessie Hawkins is the Director of Research at the Franklin Health Research Center who investigate botanical products, dietary ingredients, nutraceuticals and natural product evaluation, for safety and efficacy. They conduct clinical research into preventive and integrative health. This webinar will focus on the affects of COVID-19 on mental health and essential oil research that support it. 


Cosmetic Preservation: What is there to know

Cosmetic preservation is a key step in formulating water-containing cosmetics, as it ensures microbiological safety. Preservatives, however, may also express skin reactions. Why do we need them, which are the most important preservatives of natural origin, which toxicity concerns are relevant in terms of dermal use, are some of the questions that will be addressed in the webinar.


Natural Product Making Webinar 
* More Available

In collaboration with Purodem this webinar will teach you the step by step of how to make a variety of products. Examining the ingredients you are adding to your recipe & choosing essential oils that will enhance transdermal penetration, improve skin protection, function & repair, as well as offering antimicrobial power & immune resilience & add a sense of wellbeing through the overall scent.


Understanding Cancer Survivorship: How Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Medicine can help

People now live longer after a cancer diagnosis, with many surviving the disease for more than 10 years. However, half of cancer survivors live in fear of their cancer returning, and up to a quarter live with at least one long-term consequence of cancer treatment. Many are told that nothing can be done to alleviate their symptoms, and suffer with chronic ailments. Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicines (CTIM) are evidence-based, non-pharmacological options that can be offered to relieve many symptoms suffered by cancer survivors. In this talk, Beverley de Valois explores the challenges facing people post-cancer treatment, and looks at the options that can be used to support them as they adjust to life after cancer.


Hydrosols: New Research in Practice Webinar 

Suzanne Catty works for the plants. She is an author, educator and Registered Natural Health Practitioner with over 40,000 hours of clinical practice and is internationally recognized as one of the pioneers of aromatherapy. Her ground-breaking book, Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy, established a new healing paradigm, turning a waste product into a global healing resource.


Dementia Care, Essential Oils and CO2 Oil’s Webinar

Optimal care for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs for people with dementia is a real challenge for loved ones and carers. Madeleine is a leading trainer for health care professionals in dementia care, using a range of aromatics, including CO2 extracts, to support all levels of care. Madeleine will share strategies for you to integrate essential oils into patient and family wellbeing.


Cancer Care: Utilising Aromasticks

This webinar explores the professional, moral and ethical issues in clinical practice utilising the AROMA and SYMPTOM models in acute cancer and palliative care. Reviewing the rationale for the use of aromasticks, demonstrating an ‘installation' approach for specific concerns, such as insomnia and anxiety; supported by reference to research/evaluation work and case studies.


Rosemary Essential Oil and Cognition Research Webinar *More Available 

This webinar will examine the inhalation of the aroma of Rosemary essential oil to enhance cognition as featured on BBC’s ‘trust me I’m on doctor’. This is the first study to demonstrate such effects in children and suggests that the potential for enhancement is greater than in adults. These findings will be discussed in terms of the potential for improving academic attainment through natural interventions and the mechanisms behind such effects.


Lingering Psychological Trauma

Lingering psychological trauma presents itself in almost any condition and disease the co-morbidities are endless. So how can a health professional with little training in PTS or ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) spot this deeper root without having a specific diagnosis? This webinar presents an introductory overview of lingering trauma, underlining what to look for and when to refer.


Scar Massage Webinar 

Scar tissue has physical characteristics which are not the same as pre-injury tissue, and the influence of a problematic scar, or scar adhesions, through the fascial tissue can have far reaching affects. Psychologically, scars can have a powerful impact, a place where they hold emotions relating to a traumatic event. In this talk we will explore the impact of scars from a massage perspective and the benefit of hands-on treatment.


12 Steps to Business Success Webinar

Not getting enough clients? Not earning enough money? Can’t figure out how to leave your full-time job? Burned out and thinking of giving up?  In this webinar you will learn from the expertise of Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari, exclusive practical tips to ignite your hands on business.


The Mindfulness of the Five
Senses Webinar

The 5-4-3-2-1 mindfulness exercise is used by psychotherapists globally to help clients slow down and become present. In this presentation, you'll be introduced to the rationale behind the 5 senses mindfulness practice, practicing it for yourself and learn how to offer it to your clients. Designed to help you expand your offerings as an aromatherapy professional and empower you to teach clients how to incorporate it into their own self-care. 


 Code of Conduct & Practice: Client Modesty and Towel Management Webinar

You must be respectful and sensitive to a client’s dignity and modesty at all times during a treatment. It is important to note that everyone has different opinions of what it means to respect their privacy. This webinar, recorded on behalf of the IFA for our registrants, demonstrates how to protect a clients modesty, how to avoid any potential misunderstandings and towel draping.


The recordings of these are available now in the members area alongside some older recorded webinars 


Impact of Hedonics on Mood Effects of Essential Oils Webinar 

In this webinar, E. Joy Bowles, PhD BSc Hons will look at the components of an olfactory experience that can help or hinder an aromatherapy treatment. Joy brings her love of essential oil chemistry and curiosity about how the body-mind-mood connection works to provide a stimulating and entertaining enquiry into how we experience aromas. 


Integrating Clinical Aromatherapy in Palliative Care

In patients with life-limiting illness, where the aim of palliation is to optimise their quality-of-life, the challenge arises among healthcare professionals with being able to see the opportunities for healing at a spiritual level, even though a biological cure is no longer possible.  It is within these realms of spiritual and emotional care that aromatherapy can arguably make its greatest difference.


The Rose Botanical Family
Oils Webinar 

The plant world gives us any number of carrier oils and it turns out that some botanical families are more generous in their lipid oil production than others. This webinar with Susan Parker will focus on Rosaceae, the Rose family of lipid oils. As of writing this there are 12 different oils that we can look at, including almond, apple, rose hip and cherry and will be sharing new information with you.


What Goes Wrong with the Knee and Why Webinar

In this webinar, physiotherapist Jane Johnson provides a vivid description of the structures of the knee and what can go wrong with them. She will guide you through each of the structures of the knee and the most common conditions that affect them. This webinar provides a great resource for anyone learning or refreshing their anatomy knowledge or simply want to know more about knees.


Essential Oils and Vibrational Matching Gemstones

This webinar is a hands-on approach to engaging with the enhanced powers of allies from the mineral (gemstones) and plant kingdom (aromatherapy). This unique approach to working with crystals offers guidance and affirmations for Focus and Protection; Health and Well-Being; Friendship, Romance; Money and Creativity; Happiness and Self-Confidence; Intuition and Communication.


Healing of Scent, Phytotherapy & Skin Care Webinar

Skincare is a powerful and ever-growing industry with an increased global interest in the use of botanical, phyto-therapeutic ingredients. This webinar reviews beauty in relation to health. You’ll learn how to combine the science of smell with intention (including verbal cues and branding) as a core element to emotional and physical healing through botanical skin care.


Why Do My Muscles Hurt

This webinar covers why muscles create pain by exploring the physical and emotional reasons. We all ache but have you ever wondered why we do. It takes you through the process of muscle pain and what psychological stress each muscle relates to, what you can do to counteract that stress so the muscle can relax and stop hurting and which essential oil relates to that particular psychological issue.


 Thai Yoga Massage Webinar

Thai Yoga Massage is a combination of acupressure, stretching and applied yogic postures. It’s both amazing to give and amazing to receive. Great for therapists to incorporate within their practice both relaxing, energising and fun. The webinar will touch on foot massage, leg massage, leg stretches, back and neck massage.


The World of Clay