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All the webinars listed are FREE to all IFA registered therapists to support them in their continual professional development (CPD). Previous webinars can be accessed in the members area. If you are not a member of the IFA but would like to access our webinars you are welcome to join us as a friend member by clicking here. 


Aromatherapy – Bridging Lifestyle Medicine and Functional Medicine with Salvatore Battaglia

We will explore a very different paradigm for the practice of aromatherapy, one that will help us re-evaluate the way we have been traditionally taught aromatherapy and also create a framework that will ensure aromatherapy will become a truly remarkable healing practice for the 21st century. This webinar will be free to IFA members only - link to follow.

National Aromatherapy Awareness Week 2023

An annual national campaign hosted by the IFA to raise awareness of the important role aromatherapy has in healthcare management. It seeks to educate the public about the difference aromatherapy can make to your life and the lives of people in your care. Brought to life by a multitude of individuals & companies who come together to organise activities throughout UK and overseas.

Facial Freedom: Releasing Stress Stored in the Muscles and Nerves of the Face, Neck and Head with Beth Spindler

We'll explore how working with the neglected muscles and nerves of the face and head have a profound impact on the brain and nervous system. Of course there are the added benefits of better facial balance and muscle tone, but we'll investigate what Dr. Stephen Porges calls the "social engagement system" and its impact on unresolved trauma, social anxiety, depression and more.

Annual General Meeting of IFA Members

IFA members are invited to take part in the IFA Annual General Meeting to hear an overview of the activities and accomplishments of the previous year and future plans including chairs report, financial overview, PR and education report and ask any questions they may have and consider and approve appointment of directors for 2022-2023.

Integrating Clinical Aromatherapy in Palliative Care: Ways in which we can bridge the gap with Carol Rose

In patients with life-limiting illness, where the aim of palliation is to optimise their quality-of-life, the challenge arises among healthcare professionals with being able to see the opportunities for healing at a spiritual level, even though a biological cure is no longer possible.  It is within these realms of spiritual and emotional care that aromatherapy can arguably make its greatest difference.

Rosemary Essential Oil and Cognition Clinical Research Trial with Dr Mark Moss

This webinar will examine the inhalation of the aroma of Rosemary essential oil to enhance cognition as featured on BBC’s ‘trust me I’m on doctor’. This is the first study to demonstrate such effects in children and suggests that the potential for enhancement is greater than in adults. These findings will be discussed in terms of the potential for improving academic attainment through natural interventions and the mechanisms behind such effects.

Essential Oils & The Chinese Meridian Time Clock with K.G Stiles

In classic Oriental, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, all disease is seen as disordered elements. Restoring balance to the five (5) elements and the harmonious flow of Chi is at the heart of Chinese medicine. In this webinar you will find out the actions associated with each element and chakras and essential oils to use and how to use them to balance the 5 elements and to restore the flow of chi through the organ meridians. 

Healing of Scent, Phytotherapy & Skin Care with Jimm Harrison

Care of the skin is a powerful and ever-growing industry with an increased global interest in the use of botanical, phyto-therapeutic, ingredients. In this webinar we’ll review beauty in relation to health and other plant-based extracts used in skin care. You’ll learn how to combine the science of smell with intention (including verbal cues and branding) as a core element to powerful emotional and physical healing through botanical skin care application.

Cosmetic Preservation – What is there to Know with Dr. Nina Kocevar Glavac

Cosmetic preservation is a key step in formulating water-containing cosmetics, as it ensures microbiological safety. Preservatives, however, may also express skin reactions. Why do we need them, which are the most important preservatives of natural origin, which toxicity concerns are relevant in terms of dermal use, are some of the questions that will be addressed in the webinar.

Essential Oils and Vibrational Matching Gemstones with Margaret Ann Lembo

A hands-on approach to engage with the enhanced powers of allies from the mineral (gemstones) and plant kingdom (aromatherapy). This unique approach to working with crystals offers guidance and affirmations for Focus and Protection; Health and Well-Being; Friendship, Romance; Money and Creativity; Happiness and Self-Confidence; Intuition and Communication.

12 Steps to Business Success with the Jing Institute

Not getting enough clients? Not earning enough money? Can’t figure out how to leave your full-time job? Burned out and thinking of giving up? This unique workshop featuring the fabulous expertise of Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari, directors and founders of Jing who will give you the passion and exclusive practical tips for IFA members to ignite your hands on business. 

Dementia Care, Essential Oils & CO2 Oil’s with Madeleine Kerkhof

Optimal care for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs for people with dementia is a real challenge for loved ones and carers. Madeleine is a leading trainer for health care professionals in dementia care, using a range of aromatics, including CO2 extracts, to support all levels of care. Madeleine will share strategies for you to integrate essential oils into patient and family wellbeing.

Sacred Scents Masterclass with Salvatore Battaglia

In this masterclass, Salvatore will explore the role of scent within culture and spiritual practices and how this relates to the way we use essential oils today. Researchers have always struggled to understand the complex role of scent. We will explore the six key factors that I believe contribute to the spiritual dimension of scent: biophilia, awe, sacred space, rituals, myths and neurobiology.

Impact of Hedonics on Mood Effects of Essential Oils with E. Joy Bowles

In this webinar, E. Joy Bowles, PhD BSc Hons will look at the components of an olfactory experience that can help or hinder an aromatherapy treatment. Joy will bring her love of essential oil chemistry and curiosity about how the body-mind-mood connection works to provide a stimulating and entertaining enquiry into how we experience aromas. 

Hydrosols: New Research in Practice with Suzanne Catty

Suzanne Catty works for the plants. She is an author, educator and Registered Natural Health Practitioner with over 40,000 hours of clinical practice and is internationally recognized as one of the pioneers of aromatherapy. Her ground-breaking book, Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy, established a new healing paradigm, turning a waste product into a global healing resource.

Palliative Care Webinars with Dr Peter Mackereth

Dr Peter Mackereth will explore the professional, moral and ethical issues in clinical practice utilising the AROMA & SYMPTOM models in acute cancer and palliative care. Felicity Warner named End of Life Care Champion of the year by The National Council for Palliative Care at the House of Lords will discuss the principles and practices of how to make death a peaceful and dignified experience.

Rose Botanical Family Oils with Susan Parker

The plant world gives us any number of carrier oils and it turns out that some botanical families are more generous in their lipid oil production than others. This webinar with Susan Parker will focus on Rosaceae, the Rose family of lipid oils. As of writing this there are 12 different oils that we can look at, including almond, apple, rose hip and cherry and will be sharing new information with you.

Natural Product Making Webinar with Purodem

In collaboration with Purodem this webinar will teach you the step by step of how to make a variety of products. Examining the ingredients you are adding to your recipe & choosing essential oils that will enhance transdermal penetration, improve skin protection, function & repair, as well as offering antimicrobial power & immune resilience & add a sense of wellbeing through the overall scent.

The Knee: What Goes Wrong and Why with Jane Johnson

In this webinar, physiotherapist Jane Johnson provides a vivid description of the structures of the knee & what can go wrong with them. She will guide you through each of the structures of the knee & the most common conditions that affect them so this webinar will provide a great resource for anyone learning anatomy, refreshing their anatomy, or who simply want to know more about knees!

Massage Cream Emulsion Workshop with Purodem

Join us on the 16th January for a workshop on making a massage cream emulsion, covering the whole process from selection of raw ingredients to end use. All IFA members that register and attend on the day shall be offered a special IFA Member only discount on our Diploma skincare making courses launching in 2021. www.purodem.com

The Effect of Aromatherapy on COVID-19-induced Anxiety by Dr. Jessie Hawkins

Dr. Jessie Hawkins is the Director of Research at the Franklin Health Research Center who investigate botanical products, dietary ingredients, nutraceuticals, for safety & efficacy. As one of the leading clinical research sites for natural product evaluation, their team conducts clinical research for some of the world's leaders in preventive & integrative health.

Thai Yoga Massage Webinar with Quantum Metta School of Massage

Webinar with the Quantum Metta School of Massage - Thai Yoga Massage is a combination of acupressure, stretching and applied yogic postures. It’s both amazing to give and amazing to receive. Great for therapists to incorporate within their practice both relaxing, energising and fun. The seminar will touch on foot massage, leg massage, leg stretches, back and neck massage.

Why Do My Muscles Hurt Webinar with Josie Donaldson

This webinar covers why muscles create pain by exploring the physical and emotional reasons. We all ache but have you ever wondered why we do. It takes you through the process of muscle pain and what psychological stress each muscle relates to, what you can do to counteract that stress so the muscle can relax and stop hurting and which essential oil relates to that particular psychological issue.


  • 発達障害とは
  •  療育でのアロマセラピー
  •  香りに対する子ども達の反応と変化
  • 七感に配慮したアロマトリートメント
  •  大人の発達障害
  • 光トポグラフィーを用いた発達障害者に対する香り刺激効果の研究

35th Anniversary: History of IFA

20th October 2020 marks the IFA’s 35th Anniversary and celebrates the extraordinary efforts made by dedicated IFA members, staff and volunteers over the years that have put Aromatherapy on the map. In this short webinar founding member of the IFA Germaine Rich will talk about the many landmarks and achievements of the IFA over the past four decades and a look to the future.

Risk Assessment Checklist

This guide is designed to introduce you to Post Covid-19 Risk Assessment planning checklist, it presents you with a clear and simple checklist process, documentation, plus relevant risk control actions that will help you take the necessary precautionary steps to identify and manage the risks associated with the Coronavirus when you begin treating clients once again.​​​​​​​

HMRC Record Keeping Webinars

This webinar is aimed at sole traders and partnerships. It is not suitable for those with limited liability partnerships or limited companies. The webinar covers: an introduction to the basic principles of keeping good business records, guidance on what HMRC expects from you, how you can get into good habits from the start and the record keeping apps available for mobile devices.

Returning to Work in a Covid-19 World

Before returning to work you need to give some serious thought about how you will protect both your clients & clinic and be ready to work in a world where Covid is both a risk & reality. This course is designed to take you through that thinking to check you have done everything possible & be able to display certification so that your clients know that you are taking their welfare seriously.

COVID-19 Awareness​ Course

This free resource approx 2 hours includes information such as infection prevention, PPE, hand and respiratory hygiene, management and assessment, sampling and testing, patient transfers/managing patients and much more, to support you in your role. Designed to support our public sector workforce to continue delivering the best possible service during these unprecedented times.

Lingering Psychological Trauma with Dr Heather Herington

Lingering psychological trauma presents itself in almost any condition and disease - the co-morbidities are endless. So how can a health professional with little training in PTS or ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) spot this deeper root without having a specific diagnosis? Join Dr Heather Herington NMD as she presents an introductory overview of lingering trauma, underlining what to look for and when to refer.