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Postgraduate Members

Please email us a copy of your qualification certificate to office@ifaroma.org for an expedited response and you may be able to join the same day!

If the name on your certificate is different from the name you plan to register with e.g. due to marriage, please ensure you attach a copy of evidence, for example marriage certificate. 

To find out how to upgrade your category of eligibility from Associate to FULL or PEOT membership category click here

To appeal a registration decision please download our IFA Registration Appeals Policy.

Friend Members

All are welcome to join as a friend member and support our charity. Any individual who has an interest in aromatherapy and wishes to receive the Aromatherapy Times and Holistic Therapist magazine, access our past and present webinars to expand their knowledge and research hub will benefit from friend membership. No prerequisite required. Click here to join instantly >>>

Corporate (Company Members)

For those who want their company information shared with our database and promoted at all international events and exhibitions we attend, please send 5 samples of your product to our head office and include a copy of your business card so you can clearly be identified.

Email: office@ifaroma.org

Address: IFA Head Office, 146 South Ealing, Ealing, London, W5 4QJ

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