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About the Aromatherapy Times

The Aromatherapy Times is the official educational journal of the International Federation of Aromatherapists and is registered with the British Library and is accessible to practitioners and researchers in the archive of the library. The journal is committed to not only furthering the knowledge and practice of aromatherapy and the promotion of research developments but also other aspects of holistic health and wellbeing. It is an informative professional publication covering developments in the world of aromatherapy both in the public and private sector.

Aromatherapy is one of the most popular and accessible forms of natural medicine in the field of complementary medicine. The Aromatherapy Times aims to promote the benefits of aromatherapy to the press and wider media, explaining the important role aromatherapy plays in holistic healthcare. Additionally, this journal aims to develop and inform our professional membership on an ongoing basis.

The Aromatherapy Times is published quarterly, with a national and international audience of 5,000 readers. Our journal is published specifically for aromatherapists and bodyworkers. It has been published since 1986, the first journal in the industry specifically focused on aromatherapy, and has kept our members and additional readership at the forefront of developments within the field ever since. As a therapy-specific professional body, the IFA understands all aspects of the therapy and its practice. We understand the challenges, education, research and development requirements of our members, which allows us to deliver a specialist journal based on a wealth of experience. This has resulted in a journal that meets the stringent requirements to be officially registered with the British Library.

Whether you are a practicing aromatherapist, a student, postgraduate or are involved in the broader field of complementary therapies, you will find the journal an excellent source of information. It boasts a balance of articles for the career progression of an aromatherapist; from students - to graduates starting their own business, to experienced professionals and tutors. The journal provides healthcare professionals with evidence-based information to integrate into their clinic and advice that would benefit clients and colleagues. It also provides valuable information on a host of topics for professional practice, self-care and home pharmacy.

Meet the team:

Lauren Allen


Nicky Grant

Graphic Designer

Pavan Hunjan

Proof Reader

Marie Wayte

Scientific Advisor