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The Aromatherapy Times

The Aromatherapy Times is the official educational journal of the IFA and is registered with the British Library. The journal is committed to not only furthering the knowledge and practice of aromatherapy and the promotion of research developments but also other aspects of holistic health and wellbeing. It is an informative professional publication covering developments in the field of aromatherapy both in the public and private sector. It is a quarterly publication specifically for aromatherapists and bodyworkers. Whether you are a practicing aromatherapist, a student, postgraduate or are involved in the broader field of complementary therapies, you will find the journal an excellent source of information. Each issue features informative articles written by experts in their field on topics including the latest relevant news and research, aromatherapy, botany, chemistry, massage techniques, anatomy and physiology as well as a section dedicated to the development of practitioner's businesses and professional practice in an ever-competitive industry. Advertising in the journal is an effective way for companies to promote their services to our niche market with competitive rates.