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Volunteer Opportunities & Placements

If you want to gain more experience working in diverse environments or simply wish to use your skills to make a difference please see below the following opportunities. Most placements have the added benefit of receiving additional training to add to your portfolio. 

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If can spare some time this Christmas please sign up now on their website - https://www.crisis.org.uk/get-involved/christmas-volunteering-london/wellbeing-services/massage-volunteer/


Massage Volunteers Needed to help the Homeless This Christmas

Crisis mobilise a huge volunteer effort each Christmas to bring warmth, companionship and vital services to people at one of the hardest times of the year. They help people take the first steps out of homelessness, offering Crisis’ year-round support and training to help them leave homelessness behind for good. As part of their support package they offer massage treatments which allow guests to completely relax and unwind for possibly the first time in a long while and provide a range of holistic treatments to pamper guests as well as ease pain. During your shift you will providing 30 minute sessions for guests with breaks in between. All treatments are clothed or with tops off if you and the guest are comfortable. All volunteers must hold a recognised qualification and appropriate insurance.

The dates they require help are the 24th to the 29th of December based at their Outreach Centre in Paddington, London a services hub where you will be briefed and assigned to a team. Transport will be provided to and from other centres to run clinics on each shift. You will have the opportunity to attend the Massage Service briefing before Christmas where you can find out more and meet other Massage service volunteers.

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If you are able to help please do contact Lauren Allen office@ifaroma.org​​​​​​


Volunteers Needed to help on the IFA Stand at Olympia Beauty 2020

Are you proud of your profession? Is it your aim to spread the word of what you do to the general public, and maybe pick up some more clients? If the answer is yes, and why shouldn’t it be, then have you considered helping at one of the many shows the IFA has stand at? If you haven’t or it has been a while since you did then why not make it something you do in 2020? The IFA will be having a stand at Olympia Beauty 2020 Grand Hall, Olympia, London and are seeking volunteers from its membership to assist over the 2 days. At the show we will be providing information about aromatherapy and the professionalism of our members, however the main reason we need you there is to show the public just how good they can feel after only a 15-minute treatment. We need volunteers for either a morning or afternoon session: Sunday 04th October 10am – 2pm or 2pm – 6pm Monday 05th October 10am – 2pm or 2pm – 5pm If you are newly qualified/scared/inexperienced it really is the most ideal opportunity to practice and get feedback. You can start by giving your colleagues a quick treatment. This has the added advantage of getting one back for you. The benefits of helping at a show are many and include: chance to gain new clients, practice your technique – keeping to time, meet fellow IFA members and public and promote aromatherapy.