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Submit Case Histories

We encourage all aromatherapists to submit case studies so that we may build a bank of case histories to be used as a useful reference during campaigning activities and which we put forward before insurers, GP's and government bodies for wider recognition. 

There are some simple evaluation tools you can use to demonstrate the impact of your work:

MYOP stands for Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile and is widely used by healthcare practitioners. It’s a simple questionnaire completed by the patient or client and is used to measure changes in their experience of a number of symptoms; encompassing the physical, emotional and social. It is a useful way to gather data about treatment outcomes and we encourage practitioners to use MYMOP where possible to continue to build the evidence base for aromatherapy. For more information visit: www.bris.ac.uk/primaryhealthcare/resources/mymop/

MYCAW stands for Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing, another simple questionnaire for clients and patients to complete. Designed to evaluate complementary therapies in cancer support care that captures the client’s experiences of any changes to their ‘concerns or problems’, rather than ‘symptoms’. For more information visit: www.bris.ac.uk/primaryhealthcare/resources/mymop/sisters/

In the members area of the website, registrants can download case history/consultation forms. Alternatively you can use your own, whatever format you are comfortable using. For more information on what to include in a case history form see the IFA's Code of Conduct, Ethics and Practice.

To submit your case histories to add to the 'bank' please do so using the form below, thank you:

Have you omitted all personal data?