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Raise Awareness

Help us raise awareness and spread the word about the vital benefits aromatherapy can bring.
It is important for the validity of the profession that aromatherapy is presented in an informed and uniform voice and that everyone knows where to go for that information. Similarly, everyone who needs our services should know how to access the information they require. We need you to help us reach more people who would benefit from aromatherapy or need to access our support services. From sharing a tweet, writing an article or speaking to groups at your local care centre, you can make sure more people understand how aromatherapy can improve wellbeing, and know where to find a qualified aromatherapist.

What can the public do?

What can therapists do?

What can the press do?

Write about aromatherapy and the work of the IFA to ensure the profession is presented with a uniform and authoritative voice. The IFA can provide the press with:

  • Articles
  • Demonstrations
  • Editorial 
  • Interviews
  • Press Releases
  • Questionnaires 
  • Speakers
  • Training
  • Workshops

For more information please contact us.