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Choose with Confidence

Whether you are looking for a treatment, an employer recruiting staff, commissioner, or a company looking for a product brand consultant, you can choose with confidence by searching the IFA register.

Qualifications, Calibre and Integrity 

By choosing an IFA registered aromatherapist, you can be confident they have:ALL LEAFLETS.png

  • Met the UK nationwide standards of patient safety and service quality as a minimum;
  • Are fully insured;
  • Committed to continual professional development to ensure their skills remain current and;
  • Abide by stringent Codes of Conduct, Ethics and Practice.

*Note that all FULL & PEOT members qualifications exceed the UK nationwide standards in their training and are a level 5, 6 having completed a 2-year diploma.

All registrants are required to declare that they:

  • they do not have a criminal record (including cautions);
  • they have not been subject to any disciplinary or civil proceedings in relation to their practice and;
  • they do not have any health issues that may impact their ability to practice - to ensure fitness to practice. 

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Read the benefits for patients and service usersDownload.png

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Professional Standards Authority

The IFA’s register is an approved Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), a UK body accountable to parliament, which is part of a government-backed scheme to protect the public. PSA accreditation provides additional independent assurance that are all our registrants have met the highest standard of attainment in the UK.

The Professional Standards Authority States: “Practitioners who are committed to high standards choose to join an Accredited Register. Responsible employers and commissioners choose practitioners on Accredited Registers. We recommend the public only see practitioners on an Accredit Register” 

The Government Department of Health and the General Medical Council advice doctors to refer patients to practitioners on the IFA Accredited Register.

The PSA quality mark is recognised by NHS employers, commissioners’, other regulators such as the Care Quality Commission, the Any Qualified Providers scheme and the public, as being committed to good practice and professionalism. The IFA register is the only aromatherapy specific body to have achieved this status. 

Quality of Care

The IFA sets, requires and promotes good standards of personal behaviour, technical competence, and business practice. The Code of Conduct, Ethics and Practice, detail the quality of care that you can expect, which are binding on all registrants.

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Should any registrant fall below those standards they will be held accountable for their actions. Below you can find detailed guidance of how to raise a concern and how it will be fairly and robustly addressed. All registrants must be able to explain and justify their actions. The outcomes of any sanctions applied as a result of an investigation are published to promote learning amongst its registrants and shared with other registers to protect the public.  

Complaints Procedure (about Registrants)Download.png

Whistleblowing Policy (for Registrants)Download.png

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Sanctions Imposed

Sanctions imposed by the IFA Disciplinary and Sanctions Committee within the last three (3) years are published here and marked next to the registrant's name with a link to information about the sanction imposed: 

To-date there are no sanctions in place against any registrant.

Registrants have the right of appeal, within 30 days of when a sanction is imposed. 

Disciplinary and Sanctions PolicyDownload.png

Appeals PolicyDownload.png


Those Falsely Claiming IFA Status or Misuse of Logo

We take any misuse of our logos or the PSA’s logo very seriously, as it essentially misleads the public and undermines those who have met the standards. Use of the IFA logo is permitted to current IFA registrants only, who are bound by its terms of use. The PSA logo is only permitted to be used by IFA UK registrants. 

If a person or company is registered with the IFA, you will find them on our website. If you cannot find them on our website they are not currently registered with the IFA, which means we are unable to hold them to account should anything go wrong.  

Please note this list is not to be confused with applied sanctions as typically those listed are companies trying to seek a business advantage over their competitors. Under no circumstance should the IFA logo appear on any products and the IFA will take appropriate action against any company found doing so.

The IFA undertake random spot checks, to see where and how the IFA name and logo is being used but appreciate the public's help in identifying any misuse. You can inform us anonymously by completing the form below:

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Companies Falsely Using IFA Logo

The IFA will write to those misusing any of the IFA logo's or claiming IFA status. If they do not remove the infringement or misleading information within two (2) working days of being made aware they will be included on this list and further action may be taken. 


Those falsely claiming IFA status: