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To locate a registered aromatherapist closest to you please enter your postcode. By choosing an aromatherapist registered with the IFA you can be confident that they are properly trained, qualified and insured. Each aromatherapists credentials will be highlighted next to their name. 

  • Full Members – Are clinical aromatherapists trained to a level 4-5 standard and offer massage
  • PEOT Members – Are clinical essential oil therapists trained to a level 4-5 standard but do not offer massage
  • Associate members – Are aromatherapists trained to a level 3 standard and offer massage
*Please note this list is provided for those seeking a treatment only and is not intended for commercial purposes or any other use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

For maximum results please enter your city and/or postcode in the search box below and select your area from the drop down that will appear. Then click ‘search’.

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NB. PSA accreditation only extends to UK

If a registrant is under investigation, suspended or a condition of practice order has been applied to the registrant this will be highlighted next to their name with a link to the details. Details of sanctions imposed on a registrant will appear on the Sanctions Imposed page. Currently, no registrant on the IFA register is under investigation or has had a sanction applied. 

Please note: some individuals are falsely claiming to be an IFA member, or are alluding to being a member by making statements such as ‘adhering to IFA standards’ or misuse of the IFA logo etc. (only current IFA members may use the IFA quality mark). This deception is not permitted and the IFA will take appropriate action against any individual who make such claims. If a person is not listed they are not currently regulated by the IFA at this present time and we are therefore unable to hold them to account should you have any concerns. You may also be unable to reclaim the cost of your treatment from your healthcare insurers if you hold such package. If you still have any doubts about an individual claiming to be an IFA member or if their qualification was awarded by the IFA (in our capacity as an Awarding Body also), please report it and we will provide clarification.