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The Emotional Healing of Scent, Phytotherapy and Intention in Skin Care
with Jimm Harrison

16th August 2022 @ 7.00pm (UK Time)Webinar Registration Form

About the Webinar

Care of the skin is a powerful and ever growing industry with an increased global interest in the use of botanical, phyto-therapeutic, ingredients. The emotional impact of skin care has only recently become acknowledged for its effect on overall health and beauty. In this course we’ll review beauty in relation to health and step beyond the narrow perception of essential oils and other plant-based extracts used in skin care. You’ll learn how to combine the science of smell with intention (including verbal cues and branding) as a core element to powerful emotional and physical healing through botanical skin care application.

1.      The function of skin care

1.      beauty is health

2.      The effect of skin care on emotions

1.      aspects of the emotional connection to skin care

2.      texture, scent and visuals (packaging, marketing)

3.      product branding

3.      Verbal cues (olfactory training)

1.      scent and verbal cues

2.      directing results with language and visuals

4.      Scent and emotion

1.      the many ways scent impacts emotion

2.      essential oils vs synthetic fragrance

3.      scent and behavior

5.      Biophilia and forest bathing

1.      the forest environment and phytoncides

2.      a connection to nature (biophilia) with plant-based ingredients

6.      The endocannabinoid system

1.      topical essential oil use and surface receptors

2.      skin and the neuro-immuno-cutaneous-endocrine network

7.      Phytotherapy in skin care

1.      oils and butters

2.      extracts

3.      nutrients

8.      Essential oils in skin care

1.      holistic therapy

2.      safety

9.      Emotions and inhalation

1.      emotional focus through skin care application

10. Inhalation and physical healing

1.      total body health and wellness through skin care application

11. Formulating emotionally directed skin care

1.      selection of plant-based ingredients

2.      selection of extracts

3.      selection of essential oils

About the Jimm Harisson

Jimm Harrison’s skills in therapeutic and alchemical formulation of essential oil blends are well regarded and known internationally. He has a diverse and extensive background unlike any other expert in his field. In his 30 years of practice and study he has authored three essential oil books, written for several spa trade magazines, and developed and taught the Essential Oil Certificate Program at Bastyr University (Seattle USA). Jimm has presented at medical institutions, such as Harvard Medical School and Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and has taught essential oil and holistic beauty programs and lectures at leading spa/esthetic events, scientific aromatherapy conferences throughout the US, China, Japan and across the globe. As a pioneer of natural and organic skin care, Jimm founded a botanical and nutrient based skin care product company sold nationally at Whole Foods and several chain and independent natural stores throughout the US.

Jimm Harrison began his career as a touring musician, was a DJ, worked in television and radio, and owned one of the first phytotherapy-based spa/salons in the USA. Having on-the-road experience and connections in the music industry, he created his first essential oil business, Rock & Roll Aromatherapy, catering to late ’80’s early ’90’s major artists and touring musicians.

This unique and diverse history gives Jimm a distinctive understanding of phytotherapy, wellness, human behavior and emotions, as well as in depth experience in all aspects of the natural health and beauty industries. His experiences also provides the ingredients for some very entertaining and compelling presentations.