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Impact of Hedonics on Mood Effects of Essential Oils E. Joy Bowles

26th June 2021 @ 11am Webinar Registration Form

About The Webinar

People who use essential oils are usually drawn to them for their beautiful aromas. But not all oils are equally appealing to all people, and there is a great variation in odour preference across the global population. As aromatherapy often relies for its effect on the olfactory impact of the aroma, it is important to consider the olfactory features of any blend we use. This is particularly the case when we are using essential oils to help us manage mood and emotion.

In this webinar, E. Joy Bowles, PhD BSc Hons will look at the components of an olfactory experience that can help or hinder an aromatherapy treatment. Joy will bring her love of essential oil chemistry and curiosity about how the body-mind-mood connection works to provide a stimulating and entertaining enquiry into how we experience aromas. Her latest book "Dr Joy's Aromatherapy" (2020) has further material for those interested in pursuing it further.

About E. Joy Bowles, PhD, BSc Hons

Author, educator, researcher

Dr Bowles is best known for her contribution to essential oil chemistry teaching. The third edition of her book "The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils" is used as a text in aromatherapy courses around the world. Dr Joy’s dream is to develop a global network of aromatherapy researchers to investigate unanswered questions about the therapeutic use of essential oils. Her PhD topic was looking at the effect of essential oils on cognitive function in dementia but since 2017 she has moved online to teach chemistry and how essential oils work. Her lectures Fundamental Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics are available via the Tisserand Institute, and her own online college https://eo-education.teachable.com includes the monthly Aromatherapy Journal Club and a series titled “How Essential Oils Work”.

In 2020 she appeared in a Netflix documentary “(Un)Well” in the episode on essential oils, conducted a rapid review of clinical evidence for the use of essential oils for viral respiratory infections with the World Naturopathic Foundation, delivered a plenary presentation and masterclass at the inaugural online Botanica 2020 conference, and is currently working with researchers at Southern Cross University to review the literature on Tea Tree oil. https://ejoybowles.com Facebook: @DrEJoyB