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Lingering Psychological Trauma
with Dr Heather Herington

28th November 2022 Webinar Registration Form

About Dr Heather Herington

Dr Heather L. Herington Bac, NMD, DHANP, has been a naturopathic medical doctor for over 30 years (Bastyr ’87) specialising in PTS/trauma and is now in public practice with her podcast, Dr. Heather Uncensored (https://drheatheruncensored.buzzsprout.com/). As an actor-singer-voice artist (solo show Hidden), she is a member of SAG-AFTRA. An engaging speaker and workshop leader (Moving to Healing), she writes librettos (the children’s musical, The Calling Hour) and creates radio plays based on health conditions that demand a true body-mind investigation. Her websites are drheatherherington.com and heatherherington.com. She has been interviewed on several podcasts and in Authority magazine and her work has appeared in Townsend Letter for Doctors, NDNR.org, Alive, Kinesis and more. Her earlier books include Surviving a Viral Pandemic through the lens of a naturopathic medical doctor, and two novels.