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The Knee: What Goes Wrong and Why

In this webinar, physiotherapist Jane Johnson provides a vivid description of the structures of the knee & what can go wrong with them. She will guide you through each of the structures of the knee & the most common conditions that affect them so this webinar will provide a great resource for anyone learning anatomy, refreshing their anatomy, or who simply want to know more about knees!

Returning to Work in a Covid-19 World

Before returning to work you need to give some serious thought about how you will protect both your clients & clinic and be ready to work in a world where Covid is both a risk & reality. This course is designed to take you through that thinking to check you have done everything possible & be able to display certification so that your clients know that you are taking their welfare seriously.

Natural Product Making Webinar

In collaboration with Purodem this webinar will teach you the step by step of how to make a variety of products. Examining the ingredients you are adding to your recipe & choosing essential oils that will enhance transdermal penetration, improve skin protection, function & repair, as well as offering antimicrobial power & immune resilience & add a sense of wellbeing through the overall scent.

The Frankincense Workshop

Login to the members area to view this special online workshop for an invigorating 2 hours of interesting facts on how to bring the best out of using Frankincense. Discover more about its many health, healing and spiritual benefits. The workshop will explain about various unique grades, essential oils, how to use Frankincense to manifest and meditate and how best to experience them.

Felicity Warner Sacred Oils Workshop

In this Introductory workshop we will learn about working with Sacred Oils an ancient tradition of working with essential oils to heal spirit and soul. We will learn the basics of working with Sacred Oils as well as studying four Sacred Oils Myrrh, Sandalwood, Angelic and Cedarwood Atlas. This workshop will especially interest aromatherapists involved in hospice work.


If you are self-employed and have been adversely affected by COVID- 19 you may be able to make a claim for the second part of this scheme. The second and final taxable grant is worth 70% of your average monthly trading profits covering three months’ worth of profits. To claim you need to have been affected on or after 14th July and claim for the second grant on or before 19th October.

Breath Practices & Stress Live Seminar

It is more importantly than ever to keep our respiratory system strong and healthy and to support it through healing. This yoga tradition offers many specific breath practices that can be used for this purpose. With a background in yoga therapy, neuroscience, physiology, and psychotherapy, Heather teaches clients and health professionals how to use breathing to improve health.

COVID-19 Awareness​ Course

This free resource approx 2 hours includes information such as infection prevention, PPE, hand and respiratory hygiene, management and assessment, sampling and testing, patient transfers/managing patients and much more, to support you in your role. Designed to support our public sector workforce to continue delivering the best possible service during these unprecedented times.

Palliative Care Webinars

Dr Peter Mackereth will explore the professional, moral and ethical issues in clinical practice utilising the AROMA & SYMPTOM models in acute cancer and palliative care. Felicity Warner named End of Life Care Champion of the year by The National Council for Palliative Care at the House of Lords will discuss the principles and practices of how to make death a peaceful and dignified experience.

Risk Assessment Checklist

This guide is designed to introduce you to Post Covid-19 Risk Assessment planning checklist, it presents you with a clear and simple checklist process, documentation, plus relevant risk control actions that will help you take the necessary precautionary steps to identify and manage the risks associated with the Coronavirus when you begin treating clients once again.​​​​​​​

35th Anniversary: History of IFA

20th October 2020 marks the IFA’s 35th Anniversary and celebrates the extraordinary efforts made by dedicated IFA members, staff and volunteers over the years that have put Aromatherapy on the map. In this short webinar founding member of the IFA Germaine Rich will talk about the many landmarks and achievements of the IFA over the past four decades and a look to the future.

Olympia Beauty Exhibition

This event caters to all areas of the beauty industry and is a platform for over 500 exhibiting brands to promote their latest services, products and innovations. The show also features a Treatwell stage in partnership with the British Beauty Council, The Education Club, The National Massage Championship and Nailympia London! The place to be for beauty professionals and students.

Thai Yoga Massage Live Seminar

Live seminar with the Quantum Metta School of Massage - Thai Yoga Massage is a combination of acupressure, stretching and applied yogic postures. It’s both amazing to give and amazing to receive. Great for therapists to incorporate within their practice both relaxing, energising and fun. The seminar will touch on foot massage, leg massage, leg stretches, back and neck massage.

Annual General Meeting

Where members can hear an overview of the activities and accomplishments of the year and work in progress. A reading of the annual report and audited financial statement for the previous year and consider and approve the appointment of directors for the year 2020 - 2021. Members can discuss any other matter with the permission of the chair with opportunities for questions and answers.

European Congress Integrative Medicine

The ECIM focuses on promoting healthcare systems that combine conventional medicine with an evidence-informed lifestyle, complementary and traditional approaches to health and wellbeing. The aim of the congress is to bring together medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, scientists, researchers, therapists and health politicians across a range of disciplines.

Aromatherapy Awareness Week

An annual national campaign hosted by the IFA to raise awareness of the important role aromatherapy has in healthcare management. It seeks to educate the public about the difference aromatherapy can make to your life and the lives of people in your care. Brought to life by a multitude of individuals & companies who come together to organise activities throughout UK and overseas.