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Environmental Policy

The IFA is committed to limiting the environmental impact of our work. Through both individual and collective efforts to change our ways of working, every level of the organisation play their part in using our resources responsibly for purposes that are both relevant and beneficial to our mission. Our environmental objectives aim for continuous environmental improvement and include:

  • Commitment to minimising the environmental impact of our operations wherever possible, balancing it with necessities to fulfil our mandate, and financial affordability. 
  • Commitment to reducing pollution and carbon emissions.
  • Commitment to monitoring and reviewing our environmental performance by measuring the Carbon footprint of our London Headquarters.
  • We monitor and comply with UK and International legislation, regulations and codes of practice on environmental matters relevant to the IFA’s operation.
  • Commitment to building an environmentally friendly work culture through internal communication and stakeholder engagement to minimise the environmental impact of our activities.
  • We minimise the consumption and wastage of natural resources as far as reasonably and economically practicable and re-use and recycling all possible materials and supplies.
  • We use energy efficient methods wherever possible e.g. our Headquarters uses a renewable energy supplier.
  • We ensure that consideration is given to purchasing environmentally sustainable products and services and develop sustainable supply chains by using suppliers that have environmental standards compatible with our own.​​​​​​​