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COVID-19 Guidance

For ease of reference and to enable you to acquire the information you need expediently, we have earmarked the following information on our website to help with your enquiry:

Practitioner Guidance


Practitioners can accept and receive clients as normal.

As you may be aware from Thursday 27 January 2022 the Plan B measures that were introduced by the UK Government in December in response to the rising infection rates from the Omicron variant ended. This means that face coverings are no longer required by law in any setting. The UK Government’s guidance for close contact services has now been updated to reflect the changes in relation to face coverings (see Section 7.2). The guidance states: having considered the risk of COVID-19, you may decide that you’re going to ask clients or staff to wear a face covering in your premises, especially where practitioners are conducting treatments which require them to be in close proximity to a person’s face, mouth and nose.”

You must exercise the utmost caution and exercise your professional judgement in assessing the risks.  It is your responsibility to ensure you adhere to Government advice at all times which can be accessed here www.gov.uk/coronavirus and more specifically, for England visit: Working safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19): Close contact services.

Northern Ireland

Practitioners can accept and receive clients as normal.


Practitioners can accept and receive clients as normal.


Practitioners can accept and receive clients as normal.

For more detailed guidance visit the members area where you can access the following resources listed below. 

Resources Available to IFA Practitioners

Please note this support is available to IFA Registrants only:

  • Access to the IFA's ‘Returning to Work Guidance’ - these detail what you need to do before opening
  • Access to the 'Hygiene Secure Practice Guidance' - these detail premise hygiene and cleaning protocols
  • Access to sample client disclaimer
  • Access a sample social distancing poster
  • Access to sample client notice to display in your practice
  • Access to a sample risk assessment 
  • Access to a sample consultation form
  • Access to a sample Hygiene Secure Practice policy
  • Access to the IFA Members Facebook page - where members discuss issues
  • Descriptors for your website - reassuring the public you conform to the standards and belong to an IFA PSA accredited register
  • FREE courses for when you choose to return to work which provide a certificate to display in your practice on completion 
  • FREE Webinars covering broad aspects of aromatherapy to enable you to continue to professionally develop, gain and maintain those valuable CPD points 
  • Telephone advice and support - please email the office with your specific enquiry and we will arrange a call back by one of our advisors  

Use of Essential Oils for COVID-19 Symptoms Resources Available to the Public

During the pandemic we have been featuring a series of blogs on essentials oils that boost the immune system, support the respiratory system as well as mental health during the pandemic. We have also been offering discounted magazine bundles providing more indepth information and products to educate and assist the public. 

Edition 122
Autumn 2019

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Edition 121
Summer 2019

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Edition 119
Winter 2018

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Edition 118
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