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IFA Aromatherapy Diploma Teacher Training and Assessing Award 


Guided Learning Hours: 40 

Delivery: Over 5 consecutive days  

Self Study Hours: 40 - 80

Location: Varies (Please enquire)

Manual Included


Fees:  £800.00

Prerequisite: IFA Full Membership (minimum of 3 years)

The IFA Aromatherapy Diploma Course is an attractive course to those who want to teach at an advanced level and offer students a world-class recognised diploma in aromatherapy accredited by the IFA. This is a highly sought after course and we are in high demand for more providers in different regions to direct the public to. The syllabus, from which the course is taught, has clear aims and learning outcomes, defined content and assessment criteria for each module with sample questions at the end of each unit. All training providers are supplied with marketing material to promote the course and provided access to the centre support area of the IFA website including supportive documentation.

The IFA Aromatherapy Diploma Teacher, Training and Assessing Award is suitable for those who intend to become an IFA Aromatherapy Diploma teacher and register as or at an IFA approved Centre.

What does the course cover?
The course is delivered interactively with ‘role playing’ and various exercises to help you produce teaching material and lessons and will:

  • Enable learners to create optimum learning environments in which students can learn more effectively
  • Enable learners to design courses taking into account: learning styles, needs of the learners, Meier’s 4 Phases model
  • Enable learners to deliver teaching and learning taking into account the teaching process
  • Enable learners to describe Kolb’s Learning Cycle, Mumford and Honey’s variation, VAKOG and Multiple Intelligences and explain how this can be applied to aromatherapy courses
  • Enable learners to produce appropriate resources that enhances the learner’s experience 
  • Enable learners to describe teaching and learning ideas that can be put to immediate use in the teaching of aromatherapy courses
  • Enable learners to reflect on their own previous/current levels of experience, practice and skills, and areas for development, set achievable goals by developing an individual development plan related to teaching aromatherapy
  • Enable learners to identify principles of learning, teaching, assessment and evaluation
  • Enable learners to demonstrate effective communication and inter-personal skills
  • Enable learners to obtain an increased awareness of their professional role

What could this qualification lead to?
Part of the assessment criteria for this award is to create your own teaching notes to deliver the IFA Professional Aromatherapy Diploma Course, and on completion you will automatically be eligible to apply for IFA Principal Teacher status and/or become an IFA approved course provider.

Approved Centre start up fees:

  • £425.00: Includes IFA Principal Teacher Status and IFA Training Provider Status
  • £200.00: Inspection of teaching venue (one off fee)

= £625.00

Fees thereafter:

  • £300.00: Training Provider annual registration fee
  • £80.00: Full Membership
  • £35.00 per student (must register a minimum of 6 students)
  • £90.00 - £120.00 Practical and Theory Examination fee in the UK per student (dependent if the student is exempt from the Anatomy & Physiology examination)

Who supports this qualification?
This qualification was created and is regulated by the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA).

Language of Course
The course will be conducted in English, however interpreters will be acquired by the IFA where the need is demonstrated. 

When will i get my results after the submission of coursework?
Results are issued up to 3 months after the date of the course.

Course dates and location
Course dates and locations will be announced on the IFA website. One-to-one tuition may also be possible but the course tutors travel and accommodation expenses would be in addition to the training fees. To register your interest please complete the form below, which the IFA will take into consideration when scheduling future dates and venues.