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IFA Aromacare Teacher Training and Assessing Award 

Qualification Overview

Guided Learning Hours: 16 
Delivery: Over 2 consecutive days
Self Study Hours: 16 - 36
Location: Online or in person

Teacher: Lindsay Woodman

Contact: lawoodman@btinternet.com

Prerequisite: IFA Full Membership (minimum of 2 years)


Fees: £650 for individuals or £500pp for groups

Manual and Carer Student Membership be acquired through IFA. 


The IFA Aromacare Carer’s course is a practical, hands-on course, teaching learners about touch and massage to communicate caring and understanding with the elderly, children and as a means of stress relief for those who have prohibitive physical and mental conditions. It enables carers to add a new dimension to their care and provides a myriad of skills to safely and effectively apply and experience essential oils for those who, for whatever reasons, are unable to tolerate a standard massage on a couch or the more invasive therapies. 

The Aromacare Course is a dynamic and extremely rewarding course to teach. Such is the flexibility of the course that no person or place of care is excluded. You may have already decided which care setting you wish to introduce the course into or simply wish to teach the course to others so that your students may decide for themselves. The short duration of the course (5 days) means it can be taught simultaneously throughout the year. Given the audience the course attracts, a lot of centre owners seek sponsorship for some candidates from their local council and community drawing attention to their clinic in the press.


The IFA Aromacare Teacher, Training and Assessing Award is suitable for those who intend to become an IFA Aromacare teacher and register as or at an IFA approved centre.

Delivery and Assessment 

The Aromacare Teacher Training Course is taught over 2 days including assessment. In order to be eligible to attend the course you must be a currently registered IFA FULL member and purchase the IFA Aromacare Manual from the office, which you will be creating coursework material from, and must be approved by your tutor before undertaking the final assessment. All communication, teaching, your submitted portfolio  and assessments must be provided in English. If english is not your first language please note it is your responsibility to provide an interpreter and translation of submitted materials. 

The initial training will be completed in the first day. During this first day, your tutor, Lindsay will take you through ideas, techniques and concepts of Aromacare, show you examples of it, see how you can develop this practice within the care-sector and place you have chosen to base your AromaCare work on. 

You will be shown how to create a portfolio containing your ideas and artefacts relating the information and ways of working tailored to your work with those that need care. You will discuss what works in your situation and what needs to be developed further. It will be informal with plenty of time to see artefacts and examples of AromaCare methods, to ask questions and develop your practice and ideas. You will then decide on a suitable date of submission for your portfolio.  You will also discuss with your tutor the way you will teach AromaCare to carers and she will give you a lesson plan timetable to follow. You will then have up to 6 weeks to work with the Aromacare methods and create your portfolio. During this time you can keep in touch with your tutor via email with any questions or support needed. 

Your portfolio will be sent digitally to your tutor via WeTransfer or similar.  It will contain information about a specific care sector that you choose to work with, theory, examples of your Aromacare practice, creation of aromatic artefacts items, massage stories, methods of use, including photographs and case studies.  After submission your tutor will review your work.

When it is satisfactorily completed a date and time will be arrange to meet or Zoom for the final assessment, where you will share practical work, massage, stories,  artefacts and to talk through the case studies and experiences. If you have completed the theory and practical work to a suitable level you will then gain a certificate to enable you to teach AromaCare to carers.

When Applying:

You will need to provide your tutor with the following details: 

  • Provide your name, email address, IFA membership number and details of where you are located.
  • Provide date and place you are interested in undertaking the course or if via zoom and if you wish to work one-to-one. Please note for one-to-one training in person expenses and travel are required. 
  • You must have obtained an Aromacare manual from the IFA click here
  • Details of our present work as aromatherapist and/or aromatherapy teacher or other.
  • Provide a few sentences on how you would like to use this certification and if you have had any previous experience within the care sector or as a carer.  
  • Confirm if your first language is not English and provide the details of your interpreter/translator. 

What could this qualification lead to?

Part of the assessment criteria for this award is to create your own teaching notes to deliver the IFA Aromacare Carer's Certificate Course, and on completion you will automatically be eligible to apply for IFA Principal Teacher status and/or to become an IFA approved course provider.

Approved Centre start up fees:

  • £300.00: Includes IFA Aromacare Principal Teacher Status and IFA Training Provider Status
  • £200.00: Inspection of teaching venue (one off fee)
  • £10.00: Carer Membership for the principal teacher to upgrade to Full & Carer membership (annual fee)

= £410.00

Fees thereafter:

  • £150.00: Training Provider annual registration fee
  • £90.00: Full Membership £80 + Carer Membership £10 (£35 - 60% discount) for principal teacher

Assessment and Registration fees for your future students:

  • £50.00: Student fee (includes Manual and Membership per student UK £60 Overseas)
  • £150.00 Assessment fee in the UK (up to 16 students). £500.00 Assessment fee outside of UK (up to 16 students), due to translation, travel etc.)

This course is a wonderful addition to current course providers and a great opportunity for members who wish to enter the realms of teaching. The teacher training course gives candidates the opportunity and confidence to learn how to deliver the course, gain an understanding of how to work with those less able and go onto make a difference in their local community as well as starting a new business venture.

Language of Course

The course will be conducted in English, however interpreters will be acquired by the IFA where need is demonstrated. 

When will I get my Certificate?

Results are issued within 6 weeks of assessment and completion of all coursework.