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IFA Teacher Training and Assessment Award Courses 

The IFA Teacher Training and Assessment Courses are designed for training support staff and trainers to teach learners in higher education (18 and above). They are specifically tailored for IFA trained aromatherapists or for those who intend to deliver an IFA qualification only, and is not a general teaching qualification.Teacher Training.png

The advanced diploma teacher training courses are designed for IFA full members with 3 years’ experience or more, qualified teachers and managers. The Aromacare teacher training course is designed for IFA full members with 2 years’ experience and qualified teachers. You will need either a current teaching job or work placement for the practical aspects of the course content. Part of the coursework for the award will be to create the teaching notes to deliver the specific IFA qualification you intend to teach. Successful completion will automatically entitle you to apply for IFA teacher status (of that specific Qualification) and your teaching notes can be provided for the sample course note requirement to open a Centre. 

Teacher training courses are delivered interactively with ‘role playing’ and various exercises to help you produce teaching material and lessons and in brief, include: the principles of learning and teaching, lesson planning, managing a group of adults in training and solving classroom problems, understanding the applications of special needs and equal opportunity policy in the classroom. On completion participants will be able to create optimum learning environments to enable potential students to learn more effectively, produce appropriate resources that enhance the learners experience, assessment, evaluation and more.

Awards in teaching, training and assessing are aimed at:

  • Candidates who hold a qualification in aromatherapy
  • Candidates who hold postgraduate membership in the IFA course they wish to teach
  • Candidates who already have teaching qualification and would like to progress further 
  • Candidates who already have teaching qualification and want to improve their knowledge and skills
  • Continual professional development for teachers
  • Candidates preparing to teach to a higher level