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IFA Professional Essential Oils Therapy (PEOT) Diploma Course

Guided Learning Hours: 275  

Self Study Hours: 450

Modules: 4
Level: 5 (Equivalent)
Prerequisites: Apply

Age Restriction: 18

Fees: Set by our Approved Providers




The IFA Essentials Oils Therapy Diploma (PEOT) is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of producing and formulating aromatherapeutic blends for scientific benefit and clinical application. It provides the learner with the skills to produce their own product line for use on the body and with illnesses of psychosomatic origins or when applying prescriptive essential oils therapy. Pitched at an advanced level and devised by industry experts, pharmacists and chemists, this innovative specialist course is unsurpassed by others. Devised for formulators and for those who don’t wish to apply it physically to clients themselves e.g. through the medium of massage, this course focuses on the myriad of other mediums and how to integrate it alongside other disciplines and health and social care modalities. It enables you to work confidently with over 80 essential oils and 35 carrier oils, having an extensive understanding of the therapeutic properties of each oil, base products, chemistry formulation to produce from scratch and the legalities when selling products.

The IFA's philosophy is that therapists should understand not only how to perform certain tasks, but also the reason for those tasks, and the principles behind them. This gives you excellent job prospects and the opportunity for career advancement.

Who is this qualification for?

This course is designed for those who already hold a qualification in healthcare or a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) discipline. It also provides a route of progression for those who already hold an aromatherapy or massage qualification, to further develop their knowledge and find new pathways in which to apply their skills.

What does the course cover?

This course will develop your product formulation skills while expanding your knowledge of the scientific application of essential oils. The course will:

  • Enable learners to develop comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the principles of essential oils therapy from a historical and philosophical perspective.
  • Enable learners to explore and develop an in depth understanding of the art and science of 80 essential oils safely and in context; botany, extraction and production, chemistry, potential hazards and toxicity in a range of therapeutic treatments.
  • Enable learners to understand the sense of smell and the limbic system; odour characteristics and preferences; essential oils and psycho-emotional benefits and as an aid to cognition.
  • Enable learners to identify and evaluate the necessary skills to assess individual needs and the implementation of appropriate treatment based on evidence-based research.
  • Enable learners to formulate aromatherapeutic and natural remedies for the clinic; study of hydrolats and over 35 carrier/vegetable oils and natural raw ingredients suitable for essential oils therapy.
  • Enable learners to correctly label products and sourcing of essential oils in a socially and environmentally responsible manner
  • Enable learners to understand the art of the perfumer; essential oils odour classification, volatility and the notes systems, blending ratio and dosage.
  • Enable learners to recognise and critically appraise the importance of personal and professional development and the need for lifelong learning in a critical and systematic way.
  • Enable learners to identify the factors required to create a safe and appropriate working environment, and to develop an understanding of the ethics, limitations and business requirements of the practice of essential oils therapy.
  • Enable learners to develop an awareness of current research into aromatherapy and associated products, methodology to carry out and write research, understanding the relationship and differences between traditional medicine and research based clinical studies.

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What could this qualification lead to?

Natural and organic-based products are in high demand leading to a surge of interest in aromatherapeutic formulations. As a result, aromatherapy-based formulations can now be found across a broad spectrum of products, from household cleaning products to everyday haircare and skincare. This qualification is designed for you to produce your own products or lead to employment in product development and consultancy work.

This qualification automatically entitles you to be eligible for IFA PEOT membership with the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) and listing on the IFA Professional Standards Authority (PSA) accredited register (if working within the UK). For a full list of benefits click here. 

Our Graduates

Graduates of our courses have gone on to carve out an array of successful businesses in the industry through a variety of creative outlets; from authoring books, research papers and other scientific publications to providing commentary for popular media. We have seen others go on to establish household brand names e.g. Aromatherapy Associates, be holders of beauty skincare awards, consultants for companies such as L’Oréal, been cited in Vogue and having celebrity clients. Others have used their knowledge alongside their current roles in e.g. in pharmacy in the NHS e.g. maternity awards, palliative care. The possibilities are endless!  

Who supports this qualification?

This qualification was created and is regulated by the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA).

On completion graduates are able to join the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) Accredited register, a UK body accountable to parliament (which is part of your IFA member benefits package).

The IFA is referred to and named on the NHS website. Referred by recruitment agencies such as target jobs, the guardian newspaper, amongst a host of condition specific charities such as Mind, Alzheimers society etc.

The IFA is recommended by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Office (UCAS) and UK Government National Careers Office.

Completion of this course alone does not lead to a regulated qualification but may be used as evidence of knowledge and skills gained if you wish to transfer your skills to another subject e.g. nutrition. The course itself has been designed by the IFA to meet specific learners’ and employers’ requirements which cannot be satisfied through current regulated qualifications in the field.



The course is delivered by our approved course providers taught from the IFA Professional Essential Oils Therapy Diploma Syllabus. Devised by industry experts with the input of pharmacists and chemists, it draws upon over 35 years of experience and expertise. Our early tutors and experts, who created and informed our curriculum and qualifying standards, having been taught by some of the most influential names within the field and pioneers of aromatherapy itself. Our syllabus is periodically reviewed to reflect the very latest developments, clinical evidence and scientific essential oil research. 

The syllabus has clear aims and learning outcomes for each unit which incorporates the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). The learning outcomes of the course have been benchmarked at Level 5-6 against level descriptors, to indicate the depth of study, level of demand and complexity involved in successful completion by the learner. The course itself has been designed by the IFA to meet specific learners’ requirements which cannot be satisfied through current regulated qualifications. 




Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology



Essential Oils Therapy



Professional Practice



Business Studies



*Guided Learning Hours (GLH): include an estimate of the time allocated to contact hours with the tutor, this could be in the classroom, via zoom or other means of structured learning time i.e., directed assignments, assessments or other means of supportive individual study and practice. Approved providers will use their discretion in terms of the appropriateness of the elements they share via digital communication methods and to reflect the needs of their learners. For each contact teaching hour, 1 to 3 hours are added for self-study hours. 

*Self-Study Hours (SSH): includes the hours a learner independently studies which include revision, portfolio, research, web search, reflective practice, projects, case studies etc.


Minimum period of tuition 09 months 
Maximum period of tuition 24 months 

Learners must undertake the IFA external examinations within one (1) year of completing the course. 


All components are mandatory unless you are eligible for exemption from the Anatomy and Physiology module (see below).

Please contact our Approved Providers directly for term times, as some schools may deliver the course in blocks or spread out over weekends etc. 

The IFA do not require its approved course providers to deliver modules in any particular order, so learners should ask their chosen centre for their class schedule. The IFA respects that each principal tutor will follow their own methodology and will present subjects in an order that is relevant to the ability and needs of their learners, provided the stated number of guided learning hours and self-study hours is complied with.


The only module of the course eligible for exemption in its entirety is the Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) module, as there is no 'like-for-like' on the market to compare the depth of the other modules. Exemption from this module means you will be exempt from undertaking not only the A&P module but also the IFA A&P exam. Download our Recognition of Prior Learning and Exemption Policy for the criteria.



Learners are required to demonstrate their understanding through formative and summative assessments in order to attain the IFA Professional Essential Oils Therapist Diploma qualification. Each learner is required to submit coursework at the end of each unit, which provide evidence of the learners progress and understanding. On completion of the course learners are required to illustrate their knowledge by undertaking the IFA external theoretical and practical examinations to become IFA qualified.

Compulsory Assignments

All compulsory assignments below are assessed and verified by your principal tutor before being presented to the IFA Quality Assurance Assessor at the practical examination, which will be externally graded. Learners will present their coursework in a portfolio. The portfolio will also include the learners own course notes, completed internal assessments and assignments set by their tutor to measure performance and any other evidence of other related training and qualifications. 

Case Studies Assignment

Learners are required to complete case studies consisting of 60 individual case histories. These may consist of, 6 x 6 essential oil prescriptions (36) for an individual and 24 individual treatments of applying aromatherapeutic formulations. Case studies provide evidence of the learner’s practical skills and ability to develop and adapt treatment plans to the individuals need and create appropriate remedies accordingly.

Business Studies Assignment

Learners are required to create a business plan project 2000 – 2500 words in length. Business projects provide evidence of the learner’s ability to appropriately research, prepare, cost and present a business plan. They demonstrate the learner’s understanding of what is required to set up a successful brand and prepare the learner for setting up their own business. 

Research Assignment 

Learners are required to write a research paper 5000 words in length. Research papers provide evidence of the learner’s ability to audit the efficacy of clinical research trials and seek, review and evaluate information from a variety of sources (books, journals, electronic data bases etc.).

Reflective Practice Assignment

Learners are required to provide a reflective practice portfolio. Reflective practice portfolios provide evidence of the learner’s ability to evaluate their formulations and process; awareness of the scope and legalities of their practice and the importance of attending to their own continuous professional development. 

Compulsory External Examinations

In order to be awarded the IFA Professional Essential Oils Therapy Diploma qualification, learners must successfully complete the IFA external examinations. Before entering the IFA examinations the learner must have completed all the compulsory coursework components, as prescribed above, successfully passed the internal mock examinations set by your tutor and have a minimum of 80% attendance record. 

There are 3 examinations for this qualification:

  • Essential Oils Therapy Examination Paper – 2 hours 
  • Anatomy & Physiology Examination Paper – 1 hour  (exemptions may apply)
  • Practical Assessment - 1 hour (includes the sampling of 5 of the learners aromatherapeutic remedies, viewing product making videos, interview and review of coursework)

External Quality Assessors (EQA's)

An IFA External Quality Assurance Assessor will conduct and invigilate examinations.

Examination Dates

Your tutor will arrange assessment dates with the IFA Head Office who will confirm the date in writing. The Centre will inform learners of the date and time of their examinations once the IFA have agreed and confirmed this in writing. Please refer to your tutor for all questions relating to examination dates.

Examination Venues

The IFA has the University online AI proctoring examination system in place for theoretical exams to ensure the integrity of the examination environment in maintained, whilst permitting the learner to take the exam at home. Alternatively, examinations can take place at the Centre. 

Approved Providers

Approved Providers: 

The IFA is the awarding body and examining body of this courses and qualifications. The courses themselves are delivered by our Approved Providers. To discuss term times, methods of delivery, fees and payment plans, please contact our approved course providers directly below. 

When you study through an IFA approved provider, you gain much more than a Diploma. We aim to make you excited about your career through the interesting content of our course curriculum and the passion with which it is delivered. Choosing an IFA approved provider gives you peace of mind. Our approved providers have undergone robust and rigorous external audits by the IFA to ensure defined criteria and quality is continually met. We monitor Centre’s performance and investigate complaints should any Centre fall below these standards.

All registered learners receive a student ID card from the IFA head office and can also gain discounts from a variety of suppliers to reduce the costs of overheads. Each learner has access to a learner handbook, which provides learners with helpful information and guidance to be refer to throughout their studies. 

ACT International School

T: (+81) 542508354JP Flag - small.jpg
E: info@ais-tokyo.com
W: https://ais-tokyo.com
Language of Delivery: Japanese

ACT Details

Shizuoka Branch
〒427-0029 静岡県島田市日之出町1-3
1-3 Hinode-cho
Shizuoka -Ken

Teacher(s): Natsuki Ohta (MIFA 7164) Takiko Sugioka (MIFA 9662) Naoko Sasaki (MIFA 8505)

Tokyo Branch
〒162-0845 東京都新宿区市谷本村町2-10 ストリ
Stream Ichigaya 802
2-10, Ichigayahonmura-cho

Teacher(s): Natsuki Ohta (MIFA 7164) Takiko Sugioka (MIFA 9662) Naoko Sasaki (MIFA 8505)

Aroma Specialist International Institute

T: (+852) 66000121Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpg
E: admin@asii.hk
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

Aroma Specialist Details

22F Lippo Leighton Tower
103 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay
Wan Chai
Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Chan Yuen Ying, Jessica (MIFA 7602)

Healers Aromatherapy Academy

T: (+886) 02066680850Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: connieshi@hotmail.com
W: www.healersaroma.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Healers Details

Room 1506, Edinburgh International Apartment
No. 2, Huali Road, Zhujiang New Town,
Tianhe District

Teacher(s): Ng Man Ki Steph (MIFA 12904), Shi Ying (MIFA 12284)


T: (+852) 68918505Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpg
E: info@ifha.org.hk
W: www.ifha.org.hk
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

IFHA Details

Room 2, 14/F Chung Wai Commercial Building
447-449 Lockhart Road
Causeway Bay
Wan Chai
Hong Kong Islands
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Chan Yuen Ying, Jessica (MIFA 7602)

LSA Japan

T: (+81) 0364265068JP Flag - small.jpg
E: contact@lsajapan.com
W: www.lsajapan.com
Language of Delivery: Japanese

LSA Details

〒102-0084 東京都千代田区二番町9-3 1F
9-3-1F Nibancho

Teacher(s): Ayako Berg (MIFA 3333)

Ali’s Institute of Aromatherapy

T: (+852) 21101839Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpg
E: info@alis.com.hk
W: www.alis.com.hk
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Ali's Institute Details

香港尖沙咀彌敦道 27-33號良士大廈7樓C-D室
Flat C D 7/F, Alpha House
27-33 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Yau Tsim Mong
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Ho Ka Ying Alice (MIFA 12982)

Faroma Workshop

T: (+852) 9790 9189Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpg
E: info@faroma.com.hk
W: www.faroma.com.hk
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Faroma Workshop Details

Unit B, 7/F The Globe
79 Wing Hong Street
Lai Chi Kok
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Chiu Siu Ling Frances (MIFA 14215)

H&S Aroma Education Center

T: (+886) 13503061880Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: hscn_aroma@163.com
W: www.hsaroma.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

H&S Details

Room 1612, Guangzhou Exchange Square
No. 268, Dongfeng Zhong Road
Yuexiu District

Teachers: Xi Luo (MIFA 15973), Jin Hui Yao (MIFA 16411), Ya Chiu Hung (MIFA 8681), Chen Lifang (MIFA 8171)

JGO Holistic Aromatherapy

T: (+852) 25783573Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpg
E: info@jgo.com.hk
W: www.jgo.com.hk
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

JGO's Details

Room 2, 14/F Chung Wai Commercial Building
447-449 Lockhart Road
Causeway Bay
Wan Chai
Hong Kong Islands
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Ho Tack Loi Chamie (MIFA 7553)


T: 07867304968UK flag - small.jpg
E: deana@purodem.com
W: www.purodem.com
Language of Delivery: English

Purodem Details

60 Verran Road
GU15 2LJ

Teacher(s): Deana Kassim (MIFA 16249)

Aroma Essence Ed & Consultancy

T: 0189 525 4510UK flag - small.jpg
E: margaretkarlinski@gmail.com
W: www.aromaessence.co.uk
Language of Delivery: English, Polish

AromaEssence Details

70 Grosvenor Crescent
UB10 9ET

Teacher(s): Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski (MIFA 4395)


T: (+86) 18301128860Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: floralwish_office@163.com
W: www.floralwish.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Floralwish Details

No.1-B Building, Diantongchuangyi Square
Diantongchuangyi Square
Jiuxianqiao North Road
Chaoyang District

Teachers: Li Chia Hung (MIFA 10574), Li Shu Ting (MIFA 11315), Sha Linna (MIFA 14967), Zhao Peixuan (MIFA 9113)


T: (+82) 025088359Korean flag - small.jpg
E: kyc64@hotmail.com
W: https://icaa.co.kr
Language of Delivery: Korean

ICAA Details

서울특별시 강남구 논현로98길 6 (역삼동) 신화빌딩 5층
F5, Shinhwa Building
6 Nonhyun ro 98 Gil
Gangnam Gu
South Korea

Teacher(s): Eunjeung, Kim Lee, Louise (7484)

Llegend International Training

T: (+852) 3563 5631  Macau Flag - small.jpgHong Kong Flag - Small.jpgChinese Flag - small.jpg
E: info@liti.com.hk
W: www.llegendgroup.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin, Cantonese, English

Llegend Details

Guangdong Branch
Room G, 22/F, Sun Island Building
No. 2020 South Dongmen Road
Nanhu Street
LuoHu District

*Only provides Aromatherapy Diploma

Teacher(s): Lu Ping (MIFA 15779)

Hong Kong
Unit 502 5/F, Tower 2
Cheung Sha Wan Plaza
833 Cheung Sha Wan Road
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Cheng Pui Wai (MIFA 15576), Cheng Wing Tung (MIFA 6100), Chow Lok Man (MIFA 17472), Kan Mei Yi (MIFA 18998)


Macau Branch
澳门南灣大馬路665 号 志豪大廈 23室
Flat 23, 665 Avenida da Praia Grande
EDF Great Will

Teacher(s): Choi Yuet Ling (MIFA 16375), Chow Lok Man (MIFA 17472), Fok Soi Teng Parris (MIFA 11823), Guo Wang Xing (MIFA 14482)

Yuan Liu Institute

T: (+886) 225181185Taiwan Flag - small.jpg
E: info@yuanliuschool.com
W: www.yuanliuschool.com
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

Yuan Liu Details

4F, No. 274 Fuxing N. Road
Zhongshan District

Teacher(s): Liu Yu Chieh Rita (MIFA 12411)

Cannot find a provider near you? 

If you cannot find a provider near you, we suggest the following:

  • Contact the listed course providers for methods of delivery
  • Check our page regularly as schools are currently undertaking the centre accreditation process