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IFA Professional Aromatherapy Diploma Course

Guided Learning Hours: 250   

Self Study Hours: 430

Modules: 5

Level: 5 (Equivalent)

Age Restriction: 18

Fees: Set by our Approved Providers



The IFA Professional Aromatherapy Diploma course is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of the scientific application of essential oils and evidence-based practice. It provides the learner with a myriad of skills to apply clinical therapeutic treatments in health and social-care environments. Pitched at an advanced level and devised by industry experts, this specialist course is one, if not the most, comprehensive courses available in the market. It enables learners to work confidently with over 60 essential oils and 30 carrier oils, having a thorough understanding of the therapeutic properties of each oil, and extensive methods of application as well as massage. All of which can be tailored to individual clients when applying prescriptive aromatherapy. 

The IFA's philosophy is that therapists should not only understand how to perform certain tasks, but also the reason for those tasks, and the principles behind them. This gives you excellent job prospects and the opportunity for career advancement.

Who is this qualification for?

There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all learners, of all academic backgrounds and can provide a route of progression for those who already hold an aromatherapy or massage qualification. 

What does the course cover?

This course will develop your interpersonal skills while expanding your knowledge of the scientific application of essential oils. The course will:

  • Enable learners to develop comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the principles of aromatherapy and massage from a historical and philosophical perspective.
  • Enable learners to understand the human body, anatomical terms and the diseases and disorders that can affect the body to enable the learner to work with the public safely and effectively while remaining within the scope of their professional practice.
  • Enable learners to explore and develop an in-depth understanding of the art and science of 60 essential oils safely and in context; botany, extraction and production, chemistry, potential hazards and toxicity in a range of therapeutic treatments.
  • Enable learners to understand the sense of smell and the limbic system; odour characteristics and preferences; essential oils and psycho-emotional benefits and as an aid to cognition.
  • Enable learners to identify and evaluate the necessary skills to assess individual needs and the implementation of appropriate treatment based on evidence-based research.
  • Enable learners to create aromatherapeutic formulations for their clients; study of hydrolats and over 30 carrier/vegetable oils. 
  • Enable learners to perform full body aromatherapy massage on clients using a variety of different techniques, and also gain an understanding of the various different styles of massage.  
  • Enable learners to understand the art of the perfumer; essential oils odour classification, volatility and the notes systems, blending ratio and dosage.
  • Enable learners to utilise reflective practice and the use of personal and professional development within the boundaries of client management and understanding the therapeutic relationship.
  • Enable learners to recognise and critically appraise the importance of personal and professional development and the need for lifelong learning in a critical and systematic way.
  • Enable learners to identify the factors required to create a safe and appropriate working environment, and to develop an understanding of the ethics, limitations and business requirements of aromatherapy.
  • Enable learners to develop an awareness of current research into aromatherapy and associated products, methodology to carry out and write research, understanding the relationship and differences between traditional medicine and research based clinical studies.

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What could this qualification lead to?

This qualification is designed to lead to employment in a variety of roles, either self-employed - in salons, clinics, spas, hotels or private practice or in the public sector in hospitals, hospices or care homes. 

This qualification automatically entitles you to be eligible for IFA FULL membership with the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) and listing on the IFA Professional Standards Authority (PSA) accredited register (if working within the UK). For a full list of benefits click here. 

Our Graduates

Graduates of our courses have gone on to carve out an array of successful businesses in the industry through a variety of creative outlets; from authoring books, research papers and other scientific publications to providing commentary for popular media. We have seen others go on to establish household brand names e.g. Aromatherapy Associates, be holders of beauty skincare awards, consultants for companies such as L’Oréal, been cited in Vogue and having celebrity clients. Others have become care leads in the NHS, received awards from Prince Charles and even an OBE. The possibilities are endless!  

A recent survey showed that our registrants’ predominately run their own business or currently practice in the NHS, for example some work in oncology departments/ midwives/ ICU/ GP surgeries, the voluntary sector i.e hospices, hospitals - maternity wards/ special care units, residential care homes etc, as well as consultancy work. 

It just goes to show if you study thoroughly and work hard, you too can achieve great things. Wherever you wish your career in aromatherapy to take you by choosing the IFA to qualify with you are setting the foundations for success.

Who supports this qualification?

This qualification was created and is regulated by the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA).

On completion graduates are able to join the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) Accredited register, a UK body accountable to parliament (which is part of your IFA member benefits package) and eligible for membership with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) (if work within the UK). Applications must be made through the IFA as the verifying agent.

The IFA is referred to and named on the NHS website.

The IFA quality mark is recognised by city councils for licensing exemptions in London and surrounding boroughs and recognised by a selection of health care insurance providers

The IFA is recommended by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Office (UCAS) and UK Government National Careers Office.

Completion of this course alone does not lead to a regulated qualification but may be used as evidence of knowledge and skills gained if you wish to transfer your skills to another subject e.g. nutrition. The course itself has been designed by the IFA to meet specific learners’ and employers’ requirements which cannot be satisfied through current regulated qualifications in the field.

Which countries is the IFA Qualification recognised in?

IFA trained aromatherapists currently operate in more than 45 countries and the IFA quality mark is broadly recognised by employers for delivering highly trained and dedicated professionals. Graduates must, however, contact the visa branch of the embassy of the country in which you intend to operate, in order to establish the criteria required to work in your chosen country, as this differs from country to country.



The course is delivered by our approved course providers taught from the IFA Professional Aromatherapy Diploma Syllabus. Devised by industry experts, it draws upon over 35 years of experience and expertise. Our early tutors and experts, who created and informed our curriculum and qualifying standards, having been taught by some of the most influential names within the field and pioneers of aromatherapy itself. Our syllabus is periodically reviewed to reflect the very latest developments, clinical evidence and scientific essential oil research. 

The syllabus has clear aims and learning outcomes for each unit which incorporates the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). The learning outcomes of the course have been benchmarked at Level 5 against level descriptors, to indicate the depth of study, level of demand and complexity involved in successful completion by the learner. The course itself has been designed by the IFA to meet specific learners’ and employers’ requirements which cannot be satisfied through current regulated qualifications. 




Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology






Massage Therapy



Professional Practice



Business Studies



*Guided Learning Hours (GLH): include an estimate of the time allocated to contact hours with the tutor, this could be in the classroom, via zoom or other means of structured learning time i.e., directed assignments, assessments or other means of supportive individual study and practice. For each contact teaching hour, 1 to 3 hours are added for self-study hours. 

*Self-Study Hours (SSH): includes the hours a learner independently studies which include revision, portfolio, research, web search, reflective practice, projects, case studies etc.


Minimum period of tuition 09 months 
Maximum period of tuition 24 months 

Learners must undertake the IFA external examinations within one (1) year of completing the course. 


All components are mandatory unless you are eligible for exemption from the Anatomy and Physiology module (see below).

Please contact our Approved Providers directly for term times, as some schools may deliver the course in blocks or spread out over weekends etc. 

The IFA do not require its approved course providers to deliver modules in any particular order, so learners should ask their chosen centre for their class schedule. The IFA respects that each principal tutor will follow their own methodology and will present subjects in an order that is relevant to the ability and needs of their learners, provided the stated number of guided learning hours and self-study hours is complied with.

The methods of teaching and number of guided learning hours and self-study hours are stipulated to ensure learners are caring, competent and confident about their profession. The course involves both theoretical and practical elements. Theoretical modules can be delivered remotely for example - providing demonstrations and lectures via zoom or other digital communication mediums. However, for the end point assessment, massage techniques and blending of essential oils this must be delivered in person. Approved providers will use their discretion in terms of the appropriateness of the elements they share via digital communication methods and to reflect the needs of their learners.


The only module of the course eligible for exemption in its entirety is the Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) module, as there is no 'like-for-like' on the market to compare the depth of the other modules. Exemption from this module means you will be exempt from undertaking not only the A&P module but also the IFA A&P exam. Download our Recognition of Prior Learning and Exemption Policy below for the criteria.

If you do already hold an aromatherapy qualification and are undertaking the course to extend your knowledge, we suggest you speak to the Approved provider tutor, provide your portfolio of prior knowledge and qualifications and you may be eligible for exemption from certain classes. The tutor may in this instance set you an internal assessment to ensure your knowledge is still current before permitting exemption from these classes and before entering you into the IFA externally invigilated examinations. However, ultimately you will still be required to undertake the IFA’s Aromatherapy Theory and Practical examinations to be IFA qualified.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Exemption PolicyDownload.png



Learners are required to demonstrate their understanding through formative and summative assessments in order to attain the IFA Professional Aromatherapy Diploma. Each learner is required to submit coursework at the end of each unit, which provide evidence of the learner's progress and understanding. On completion of the course learners are required to illustrate their knowledge by undertaking the IFA externally invigilated theoretical and practical examinations to become IFA qualified.

Compulsory Assignments

All compulsory assignments below are assessed and verified by your principal tutor before being presented to the IFA Quality Assurance Assessor at the practical examination, which will be externally graded. Learners will present their coursework in a portfolio. The portfolio will also include the learners own course notes, completed internal assessments and assignments set by their tutor to measure performance and any other evidence of other related training and qualifications. 

Case Studies Assignment

Learners are required to complete case studies consisting of 60 individual treatments. The case studies must include evaluations and reflective practice. These may consist of, 6 clients receiving 6 individual treatments (36) and 24 individual treatments of applying aromatherapeutic formulations or other methods of application for example (NB. 9 of these case studies can be methods other than massage.) Case studies provide evidence of the learner’s practical skills and ability to develop and adapt treatment plans to the individual client needs and create appropriate remedies.

Business Studies Assignment

Learners are required to create a business plan project 2000 – 2500 words in length. Business projects provide evidence of the learner’s ability to appropriately research, prepare, cost and present a business plan. They demonstrate the learner’s understanding of what is required to set up a successful complementary therapy business and prepare the learner for setting up their own business. 

Research Assignment 

Learners are required to write a research paper 2,500 words in length. Research papers provide evidence of the learner’s ability to audit the efficacy of clinical research trials and seek, review and evaluate information from a variety of sources (books, journals, electronic data bases etc.).  

Reflective Practice Assignment

Learners are required to provide a reflective practice portfolio. Reflective practice portfolios provide evidence of the learner’s ability to evaluate their practice and process; awareness of the scope and limitations of their practice and the importance of attending to their own continuous professional development. 

Compulsory External Examinations

In order to be awarded the IFA Professional Aromatherapy Diploma qualification, learners must successfully complete the IFA external examinations. Before entering the IFA examinations the learner must have completed all the compulsory coursework components, as prescribed above, successfully passed the internal mock examinations set by your tutor and have a minimum of 80% attendance record. 

There are 3 examinations for this qualification:

  • Aromatherapy Theory and Massage Examination Paper – 2 hours 
  • Anatomy & Physiology Examination Paper – 1 hour 
  • Practical Assessment - 3 hours (includes performing a massage sequence, interview and review of coursework)

External Quality Assessors (EQA's)

An IFA External Quality Assurance Assessor will conduct and invigilate examinations.

Examination Dates

Your tutor will arrange assessment dates with the IFA Head Office who will confirm the date in writing. The Centre will inform learners of the date and time of their examinations once the IFA have agreed and confirmed this in writing. Please refer to your tutor for all questions relating to examination dates.

Examination Venues

Examinations will typically take place at the Centre. Learners can also transfer to another IFA Approved Provider to undertake the exam provided the receiving centre can accomodate, please refer to the IFA's Transfer Policy.

Alternatively, the IFA also has the University online AI proctoring examination system in place for those who cannot travel to examinations and to ensure the integrity of the examination environment in maintained.

Approved Providers

Approved Providers:

The IFA is the awarding body and examining body of this courses and qualifications. The courses themselves are delivered by our Approved Providers. To discuss term times, methods of delivery, fees and payment plans, please contact our approved course providers directly below. 

When you study through an IFA approved provider, you gain much more than a Diploma. We aim to make you excited about your career through the interesting content of our course curriculum and the passion with which it is delivered. Choosing an IFA approved provider gives you peace of mind. Our approved providers have undergone robust and rigorous external audits by the IFA to ensure defined criteria and quality is continually met. We monitor Centre’s performance and investigate complaints should any Centre fall below these standards.

All registered learners receive a student ID card from the IFA head office and can also gain discounts from a variety of suppliers to reduce the costs of overheads. Each learner has access to a learner handbook, which provides learners with helpful information and guidance to be refer to throughout their studies. 

Academy of Holistic Studies

T: (+81) 05037088080JP Flag - small.jpg
E: info@aromamystica.jp
W: www.aromamystica.jp
Language of Delivery: Japanese

AHS Details

〒235-0041 神奈川県横浜市磯子区
2-13-11 Kuriki

Teacher(s): Eiko Kitabatake (MIFA 3656), Natsuyo Yukie (MIFA 4644)

Ali’s Institute of Aromatherapy

T: (+852) 21101839Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpg
E: info@alis.com.hk
W: www.alis.com.hk
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Ali's Institute Details

香港尖沙咀彌敦道 27-33號良士大廈7樓C-D室
Flat C D 7/F, Alpha House
27-33 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Yau Tsim Mong
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Ho Ka Ying Alice (MIFA 12982)


T: +(86) 13554762185Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpgChinese Flag - small.jpg
E: aromachannel1@163.com
W: http://aromachannel.net/
Language of Delivery: Mandarin, Cantonese

Aromachannel Details

Guangdong Branch
9D, Ming Ya Ge
Ju Yu Yuan, Dangui Road
Futian District

Teacher(s): Wu Gan Xiang, Nichole (MIFA 12081), Xiong Ja (MIFA 13044)

Hong Kong Branch
香港九龍深水埗福華街201-205號福華閣 1樓 B室
Flat B, 1/F, Fuk Wah Court 201-205
Fuk Hua Wah Street
Sham Shui Po
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Choi Ka Ying, May (MIFA 9086)


T: (+886) 18355146554Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: 1808048349@qq.com
W: www.aromuseum.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Aromamuseum Details

Guangdong Branch
广东省广州市海珠区南洲街道新滘中路88号海珠唯品同创汇1区90-5 美术馆
No. 88 Xinjiao Middle Road
Haizhu District

Teacher(s): Niu Xuemeng (MIFA 11607)

Tianjing Branch
中国天津南开区鼓楼街 富力大厦 1405 室
Fuli building 1405, Gulou Street
Nankai District

Teacher(s): Shao Ping Wang, Sophie (MIFA 6831)

Baoly Aroma College of Aromatherapy

T: (+886) 01060232393Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: baolyaroma@sina.cn
W: weibo.com/baolyaromaifa
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Baoly Details

Beijing Branch
8G, Building 3 Huaao Center
No.31 Zizhuyuan Road
Haidian District

Teacher(s): Zhang Ying Wendy (MIFA 8188)

Henan Branch
Room709, Building F
Jianye Zongbugang
Jinshui District

Teacher(s): Songjie Li (MIFA 2137), Zhang Cui (14794)

Yunnan Branch
Room 606, Building 3
Tongde Plaza-B
Beijing Road
Panlong District
Kunming City

Teacher(s): Qin Lei (MIFA 6809), Xu Lili (MIFA 8808)

Dexin Aroma

T: (+86) 13960727590Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: office@dexinaroma.com
W: www.dexin-institute.info
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Dexin Details

Room 204 Province Federation Trade Union
No.33 Qinting Rd

Teacher(s): Jiangfang Zhang (MIFA 144), Wu Bing (MIFA 155)


T: (+86) 18301128860Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: office@floralwish.com
W: www.floralwish.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Floralwish Details

No.1-B Building, Diantongchuangyi Square
Diantongchuangyi Square
Jiuxianqiao North Road
Chaoyang District

Teachers: Li Chia Hung (MIFA 10574), Li Shu Ting (MIFA 11315), Sha Linna (MIFA 14967), Zhao Peixuan (MIFA 9113)

Holistic Aroma Education

T: (+886) 076983239707Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: holistic-aroma@foxmail.com
W: www.holistaroma.cn
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Holistic Aroma Details

广东东莞市 寮步镇世纪豪门6栋111号
Yòu xiāng B-01, First Floor
Qichang Building, Xiangfu East Road
Liaobu Town
Dongguan City

Teacher(s): Mingling Cai (MIFA 2565), Sun Hui, Sophie (MIFA 12101), Yanxia Wan (MIFA 13771), Zhang Wenwen (MIFA  2965)


T: (+852) 68918505Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpg
E: info@ifha.org.hk
W: www.ifha.org.hk
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

IFHA Details

Room 2, 14/F Chung Wai Commercial Building
447-449 Lockhart Road
Causeway Bay
Wan Chai
Hong Kong Islands
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Chan Yuen Ying, Jessica (MIFA 7602)


T: (+82) 1036608380Korean flag - small.jpg
E: jiinsumte@naver.com
W: https://blog.naver.com/jiinsumte
Language of Delivery: Korean

Jiinsute Details

ICAA branch

13-2 경아 경기도 경산시 n로67길
13-2 Gyeongan-ro 67-gil
North Gyeongsang
South Korea

Teacher(s): Eunjeung, Kim Lee, Louise (7484), Ryu Hyun Jeung (MIFA 9265)

La Trinité Academy

T: (+86) 2152995990Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: yuangloria@hotmail.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

La Trinité Details

中国上海闵行区, 先锋街25号, 宝纳大厦1D室, 201103
Room 1D, No. 25 Xianfeng Street
BaoNa Building
Minhang District

Teacher(s): Yuan Wen Chia, Gloria (5548)

Pure Aroma Healing Academy

T: (+886) 225955110Taiwan Flag - small.jpg
E: info@purearoma.tw
W: www.purearoma.tw
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Pure Aroma Healing Details

2/F No.61 MinZu West Road
Datong District
Taipei City

Teacher(s): Cheng Yawen Vivian (8405), Chang Yu-Wen Regina (8624)

Quantum Metta School of Massage

T: 0208 527 5024UK flag - small.jpg
E: enquiries@quantummetta.co.uk
W: www.quantummetta.co.uk
Language of Delivery: English

Quantum Details

Unit 16038
PO Box 6945

Training Venue: Central London

Teacher(s): Doreen Uzice (MIFA 2050) Dympna O'Brien (MIFA 2166)

Shinmey Garden Naturopathy Center

T: (+86) 57487352223Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: shinmeygarden@sina.com
W: www.shinmeygarden.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Shinmey Garden Details

浙江省宁波市江北区北环西路1116号 江北恒一广场写字楼705室曹逸秋
Room 705, Business Building, Hengyi Square
No.1116, Beihuan West Road
Jiangbei District

Teacher(s): Cao Yiqiu (MIFA 2809), Chen Libin (MIFA 12605), Don Yanling (MIFA 12231)

Sugarden International Aromatherapy

T: (+86) 18969113189Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: Zheng.tan@sugarden.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Sugarden International Details

2-201, Block G Xixigu Zixia Street, Jiangcun Jiedao
Xihu District
Hangzhou City

Teacher(s): Cen Chen (MIFA 12075)

Tisserand Aromatherapy

T: (+886) 225786718Taiwan Flag - small.jpg
E: shyang.tsuen@msa.hinet.net
W: www.tisserand.com.tw
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

Tisserand Aromatherapy Details

Shyang Tsuen International
9F – 1 No 186
Sec 4 Nanjing E Road

Teacher(s): Jung Chu Liu (MIFA 7202)

Xi’an Liuhong Aromatic Training

T: (+86) 81021336Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: liuhong@liuhong-institute.info
W: www.liuhong-institute.info
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Xi'an Liuhong Details

3-1-1003, Qi Yuan Jin Yue Community, Jinye road 
Yanta District
Xi'an City

Teacher(s): Liu Hong (MIFA 185)

Yuan Liu Institute

T: (+886) 225181185Taiwan Flag - small.jpg
E: info@yuanliuschool.com
W: www.yuanliuschool.com
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

Yuan Liu Details

4F, No. 274 Fuxing N. Road
Zhongshan District

Teacher(s): Liu Yu Chieh Rita (MIFA 12411)

ACT International School

T: (+81) 542508354JP Flag - small.jpg
E: info@ais-tokyo.com
W: https://ais-tokyo.com
Language of Delivery: Japanese

ACT Details

Shizuoka Branch
〒427-0029 静岡県島田市日之出町1-3
1-3 Hinode-cho
Shizuoka -Ken

Teacher(s): Natsuki Ohta (MIFA 7164) Takiko Sugioka (MIFA 9662)

Tokyo Branch
〒162-0845 東京都新宿区市谷本村町2-10 ストリ
Stream Ichigaya 802
2-10, Ichigayahonmura-cho

Teacher(s): Natsuki Ohta (MIFA 7164) Takiko Sugioka (MIFA 9662) 

Aliz Academy & Consultants

T: (+886) 423106863Taiwan Flag - small.jpgChinese Flag - small.jpg
E: service@aliz.com.tw
W: www.aliz.com.tw
Language of Delivery: Mandarin, Cantonese

Aliz Details

Shanghai Branch
5楼D室, 江宁路631号, 静安区, 上海, 中国
Room D, 5F
No.631, Jiang Ning Rd
Jing An District

Teachers: Chen Kuan Chun (MIFA 840), Lai Ya Yun (MIFA 2842) and Lee Yi Hui (MIFA 843)


Taiwan Branch
中明南路42號5樓, 台中市, 40361, 台灣
5F No. 42, Zhongming S. Road
Taichung City

Teacher(s): Chen Kuan Chieh (MIFA11174), Elizabeth Shen (MIFA 9192), Liu Chia Hsin (MIFA 14356) 

Aroma Healing Institute

T: (+852) 21554162Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpg
E: info@aromatree.com.hk
W: www.aromatree.com.hk
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

Aroma Healing Details

Room 2607, 2/F, AXA Southside
38 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Wong Chuk Hang
Southern District
Hong Kong Islands
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Jenny Go Suet Ching (MIFA5411), Parkson Kwok (11731)

Aroma Specialist International Institute

T: (+852) 66000121Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpg
E: admin@asii.hk
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

Aroma Specialist Details

22F Lippo Leighton Tower
103 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay
Wan Chai
Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Chan Yuen Ying, Jessica (MIFA 7602)

Cara Aromatherapy School

T: (+81) 642568900JP Flag - small.jpg
E: info@cara-club.com
W: www.cara-club.com
Language of Delivery: Japanese

Cara Details

〒530-0003 大阪府大阪市北区堂島2丁目2−22 
堂島永和ビルディング 2F
2F, Dojima Eiwa Building
2-2-22 Dojima

Teacher(s):Kumika Hashimoto (MIFA 7057)

Elderflower Aroma Institute

T: (+86) 18680902323Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: office@elderflower-institute.info
W: www.aifuyue.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Elderflower Details

Chongqing Branch
Room 502, Building 8, Bei Qu
Rong Chuang Jin Mao Shi Dai
No 16th, Qi Xia Rd
Yubei District

Teacher(s): Zheng Juan Juan (MIFA 90), Yang Jie MIFA 6805)


Guangdong Branch
Room 309, Xiesheng Mansion
38 Zhoumen North Road

Teacher(s): Tang Lu (MIFA 8743)

* provides Professional Aromatherapy Diploma only


Zheijiang Branch
Room 102, Unit 2, Building No.5
Hejing Business Centre
No. 537 Xixi Road
Xihu District

Teacher(s): Feng Min (MIFA 12754), Yan Wenbo MIFA 13108), 

* provides Professional Aromatherapy Diploma only

Gina Maquillage Beauty School

T: (+886) 227374056Taiwan Flag - small.jpg
E: grace50315@gmail.com
W: www.facebook.com/Gina.Maquillage
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

Gina Maquillage Details

7F– 3 No 327 Sec 2, Fuxing S Road
Da’an District

Teachers: Fang-Ling Wen (MIFA 7226)

H&S Aroma Education Center

T: (+886) 13503061880Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: hscn_aroma@163.com
W: /www.hsaroma.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

H&S Details

Room 1612, Guangzhou Exchange Square
No. 268, Dongfeng Zhong Road
Yuexiu District

Teachers: Xi Luo (MIFA 15973), Jin Hui Yao (MIFA 16411), Ya Chiu Hung (MIFA 8681), Chen Lifang (MIFA 8171)

Jes Fervour

T: (+60) 125022114 Malaysia Flag - small.jpg
E: jesfervour@gmail.com
W: www.jesfervour.com.my
Language of Delivery: Mandarin and English

Jes Fervour Details

No. 8, Jalan Kancing Jaya 5
Taman Kancing Jaya, BT. 16
Darul Ehsan

Teacher(s): Liew Jye Huey Carmen (MIFA 7985)

Jinxiaomin Aromatherapy Institute

T: (+86) 13076098338Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: jinxiaomin_chengdu@163.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Jinxiaomin Details

Chengdu Natural Therapy Promotion Branch

Room 8-1-523/525/527/529
International Xiangxie Building Zhonghe Way No.281
Gaoxin district

Teacher(s): Jin Xiao Min (MIFA 6828)

Llegend International Training

T: (+852) 3563 5631  Macau Flag - small.jpgHong Kong Flag - Small.jpgChinese Flag - small.jpg
E: info@liti.com.hk
W: www.llegendgroup.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin, Cantonese, English

Llegend Details

Guangdong Branch
Room G, 22/F, Sun Island Building
No. 2020 South Dongmen Road
Nanhu Street
LuoHu District

*Only provides Aromatherapy Diploma

Teacher(s): Lu Ping (MIFA 15779)

Hong Kong
Unit 502 5/F, Tower 2
Cheung Sha Wan Plaza
833 Cheung Sha Wan Road
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Cheng Pui Wai (MIFA 15576), Fok Oi Lun (MIFA 9879), Ng Man Ki Steph (MIFA12904), Wing Tung Cheng, Tina (MIFA 6100)


Macau Branch
澳门南灣大馬路665 号 志豪大廈 23室
Flat 23, 665 Avenida da Praia Grande
EDF Great Will

Teacher(s): Choi Yuet Ling (MIFA 16375), Chow Lok Man (MIFA 17472), Fok Soi Teng Parris (MIFA 11823), Guo Wang Xing (MIFA 14482)

Pure Aroma Vocational Beauty Training

T: (+886) 7562155137Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: purearomaschool@163.com
W: www.purearoma.com.cn
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Pure Aroma Vocational Details

401室 江蕊杨
Room 401, Building 175,
Huafa Century City
Xiangzhou District
Zhuhai City
Guangdong Province

Teacher(s): Lai Yidan (MIFA 7118), Jiang Rui Yang (MIFA 6800)

Rosewood College of Aromatherapy

T: 01773 771234UK flag - small.jpg
E: marie@rosewoodcollege.com
W: www.rosewoodcollege.com
Language of Delivery: English

Rosewood Details

128 Main Street
NG16 2DG

Teacher(s): Marie Hackman (MIFA 6907)

Spa Atm

T: (+886) 225362013Taiwan Flag - small.jpg
E: spaatm8@gmail.com
W: www.spaatm.com.tw
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

Spa Atm Details

2/F, No.15, Lane 16
Zhongshan North Road
Zhongshan District

Teacher(s): Chin Yueh Ping (MIFA7100)

Summa Spa International

T: +86(10) 6709 2118Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: summaspaservice@summaspa.com
W: www.summaspa.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Summa Details

Room 519-520
B-5/F, Xin Cheng Commercial Building
11 Chongwenmenwai Street
Dongcheng District

Teacher(s): Chang Lei (MIFA 7130), Xueyu Dong (MIFA 17311)

Vivat Holistic Training

T: (+81) 333557388JP Flag - small.jpg
E: info@aromapot.co.jp
W: www.aromapot.co.jp
Language of Delivery: Japanese

Vivat Details

東京都新宿区四谷三栄町3-11 中村ビル 3F  

Nakamura Building
3F, 3-11

Teacher(s): Tomoko Bendzel (MIFA 3605)  

Yenny Pearl School of Aromatherapy

T: (+886) 2162588603Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: 985630457@qq.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Yenny Pearl Details

15A Hua Tong Plaza
No. 618 XiKang Road
Jing’an District

Teachers: Li Yanlai Yenny (MIFA 2525)

Ainess Japanese College

T: (+81) 0529511070JP Flag - small.jpg
E: ainess@khaki.plala.or.jp
W: http://ainess-aroma.com
Language of Delivery: Japanese

Ainess Details

〒460-0003名古屋市中区錦3-15-32タケガ ビル3F
Takega Building 3F
3-15-32 Nishiki

Teacher(s): Mayumi Hattori (MIFA4342), Tomoko Hattori (MIFA5525)

Angela Aromatherapy

T: (+82) 1088820095Korean flag - small.jpg
E: angelasoaps@naver.com
W: www.blog.naver.com/angelasoaps
Language of Delivery: Korean

Angela Aromatherapy Details

ICAA Branch
전라남도 광주광역시 서구 풍암순환로 137
137, Pungamsunhwan-ro
South Jeolla
South Korea

Aroma Plant

T: (+81) 662440600JP Flag - small.jpg
E: school@aromaplant.co.jp
W: www.aromaplant.co.jp
Language of Delivery: Japanese

Aroma Plant Details

〒603-8053 京都市北区上賀茂岩ヶ垣内町96 
96 Iwagakakiuchi-Cho

Teacher(s): Masako Kawasaki (MIFA 5603)

Aroma Village

T: (+86) 423106863Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: Petall@yahoo.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Aroma Village Details

Room 409,4th Floor, Building 1, 
No. 60 of North Xingqiao Road
Xingqiao Street
Yuhang District
Hangzhou City
Zhejiang Province

Teacher(s): Gong Yu Zhi (MIFA 2520)

Chengdu Natural Therapy Promotion

T: (+86) 13990237780Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: ziyunxiangyu@126.com
W: www.ziyunxiangyu.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Chengdu Details

中国四川省成都市武侯区东路5号火陈站梅林南亭大厦6-1-305室Room 6-1-305 Meilinanting Building
No. 5 East Road
Wuhou District
Chengdu City

Teacher(s): Li Amei (4540)

Farome Int Naturopathic School

T: (+886) 18801836899Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: 46941407@qq.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Farome Naturopathic Details

中国, 上海普陀 区, 金砂江路 1678巷 6号, 1806 室, 200333
Room 1806, No. 6, Lane 1678 Jinshajiang Road
Putuo District

Teachers: Chu Ching-Ping (MIFA 7221), Zhou Chaoping (MIFA 15685)

Healers Aromatherapy Academy

T: (+886) 02066680850Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: connieshi@hotmail.com
W: www.healersaroma.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Healers Details

Room 1506, Edinburgh International Apartment
No. 2, Huali Road, Zhujiang New Town,
Tianhe District

Teacher(s): Ng Man Ki Steph (MIFA 12904), Shi Ying (MIFA 12284)


T: (+82) 025088359Korean flag - small.jpg
E: kyc64@hotmail.com
W: https://icaa.co.kr
Language of Delivery: Korean

ICAA Details

서울특별시 강남구 논현로98길 6 (역삼동) 신화빌딩 5층
F5, Shinhwa Building
6 Nonhyun ro 98 Gil
Gangnam Gu
South Korea

Teacher(s): Eunjeung, Kim Lee, Louise (7484)

JGO Holistic Aromatherapy

T: (+852) 25783573Hong Kong Flag - Small.jpg
E: info@jgo.com.hk
W: www.jgo.com.hk
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

JGO's Details

Room 2, 14/F Chung Wai Commercial Building
447-449 Lockhart Road
Causeway Bay
Wan Chai
Hong Kong Islands
Hong Kong

Teacher(s): Ho Tack Loi Chamie (MIFA 7553)

Joyce Liu Aromatherapy Institute

T: (+86) 15800520058Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: tellj@126.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Joyce Liu Details

中国上海浦东新区红枫路108号公寓 705,单元 6
Apt 705, Unit 6
No.108 Hongfeng Road
Pudong New District

Teacher(s): Liu Jie (MIFA 13217)

Nardium Aromatherapy

T: (+81) 09086770393JP Flag - small.jpg
E: nardiumaroma@gmail.com
W: www.nardium.com
Language of Delivery: Japanese

Nardium Details

〒477-0032 日本 愛知県 東海市 加木屋町 
東大堀 28-40
28-40 Higashiohiri

Teacher(s): Megumi Sugie (MIFA 10194)

Qianbaiji Natural Therapy Centre

T: (+86) 4000000322Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: qbj@188.com
W: www.china-nature.org
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

Qianbaiji Details

Beijing Branch
Room 1606, Building No. 6, Fortune Plaza
7 Dong San Huan Middle Road
Chaoyang District

Teachers: Hu Yiwen (MIFA 14182), Jiao Jing (MIFA 15378), Wu Lijuan (MIFA 13609)

Liaoning Branch
Room 307, Building East
No 9 Zhongshan District

Teacher(s): Ren Peng (MIFA 8184), Xie Ruiting Rosemary (MIFA 9767)


Shanghai Branch 
中国上海市宝山振华路926号大华湖宸第三空间2号楼505室 200442
Room 505 Building 2 Third Space Dahua Huchen Lane 926 Zhenhua Road

Teacher(s): Sun Qiong (MIFA 15377)


T: (+886) 18507570925Chinese Flag - small.jpg
E: 27570984@qq.com
W: www.rykyacademy.com
Language of Delivery: Mandarin

RYKY Details

Room 1132 XiYaos Square’s Business Office
No 141 Yuhe Road
Shunde District
Foshan New City


Spark Academy & Consultants

T: (+886) 22715 5775Taiwan Flag - small.jpg
E: spark.or@enjoyspa.com
W: www.spaschool.com.tw
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

Spark Academy Details

B2F No1 Zhenxing Street
Beitou District

Teacher(s): Lin Wei Syuan (MIFA 2690)

Teika Aromatherapy School

T: (+81) 0722238108JP Flag - small.jpg
E: eagle@kiwi.ne.jp
W: www.teika.info
Language of Delivery: Japanese

Teika Details

〒590-0079 大阪府堺市新町3-2
3-2, Shinmachi

Teacher(s): Kanae Ogawa (MIFA 4715), Naomi Yamamoto (MIFA 8115)

Wellness Life Institute

T: (+82) 647574680Korean flag - small.jpg
E: info@thewellness.kr 
W: www.thewellness.kr
Language of Delivery: Korean

Wellness Institute Details

Annex 101, 213-65 Chemdan-ro 

Teacher(s): Hyunjoo Lee (MIFA 6346) Hyun Sook Kim (MIFA 12808) 

YHC Funchain Life School

T: (+886) 422600515Taiwan Flag - small.jpg
E: life@yhc-aromarte.com
W: www.yhc-aromarte.com
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

YHC Funchain Details

1F, No.61, Wuquan S. 1st Road
South District
Taichung City

Teacher(s): Chu Shu-Hsin Enya (MIFA 647), Ou Yang Cheng (MIFA 2001)

Cannot find a provider near you? 

If you cannot find a provider near you, we suggest the following:

  • Contact the listed course providers for methods of delivery
  • Contact an Associate School below – completion will entitle you to IFA Associate membership. You may at a later date attend an upgrade course, which will require less travel time to complete.
  • Check our page regularly as schools are currently undertaking the centre accreditation process
  • View our list of other qualifications providers curriculum we recognise for Associate membership. You may at a later date attend an upgrade course, which will require less travel time to complete.​​​​

Associate Course Providers:

EHPA Academy

T: (+60) 126008116Malaysia Flag - small.jpg
E: ehpa.academy@gmail.com
W: https://www.ehpaacademy.com/
Language of Delivery: English, Mandarin

Escuela Amaris

Calle Costa Rica 15

Teacher(s): Eva Ruth González García (MIFA 7125)

Joyessence Aromatherapy Centre

T: (+886) 25039189Taiwan Flag - small.jpg
E: jeasunliu@gmail.com
W: www.joyessence.on.ca
Language of Delivery: Cantonese, English

Joyessence Details

7F-1, No.342
Fuxing North Road

Teacher(s): Tsung-Shih, Candy Kuo (Associate 918), Chen,Yen-Hua (Associate 20040), Yu, Hsiao-Wei (Associate 20039), Chuo, Ying-Chih (Associate 20038), Chem, Yen-Chieh (Associate 20037)

What is Beauty

T: 647-916-8524 Canada Flag - SMALL.jpg
E: whatisbeauty.emma@gmail.com
W: www.whatisbeautycanada.com
Language of Delivery: English, Cantonese

What is Beauty Details

3555 14th Ave
Unit 11, Markham

Teacher(s): Pei Chin Huang, Emma (MIFA 14192)

Escuela Amaris Natural

T: (+34) 686229215Spanish Flag - small.png
E: amaris@amarisnatural.com
W: www.amarisnatural.com
Language of Delivery: Spanish

Escuela Amaris

Calle Costa Rica 15

Teacher(s): Eva Ruth González García (MIFA 7125)

Panarom Institute of Aromatherapy

T: (+36) 13360466Hungary Flag - small.jpg
E: oktatas@panarom.hu
W: https://panarom.hu/
Language of Delivery: Hungarian

Paranom Details

R1036 BP, Perc Utca 2

Teacher(s): Adrienne Feller (Associate 12863), Agota Tobai (Associate 12870)

Finibelle International

T: (+886) 0981180353Taiwan Flag - small.jpg
E: finibelle888@gmail.com
W: Facebook (website coming soon)
Language of Delivery: Cantonese

Finibelle International Details

11F, No. 305, Section 2
Minzu Road
Zhongxi District
Tainan City

Teacher(s): Yu-Chi Chen (ASS 19559)

Vera Guedes Aromatherapy

T: (+55) 11941072707French Flag - Small.jpg
E: vera_guedes@icloud.com
W: www.veraguedesaroma.com
Language of Delivery: Portuguese

Vera Guedes Details

20 Route de Douillac
87500 Saint Yrieix la Perche

Teacher(s): Vera Guedes (MIFA 10871)


Aromatherapy as a Career

Being an aromatherapist is an immensely rewarding and flexible career, which will allow you to work in a multitude of environments and interact with a range of people.

Primary and Secondary Career Options

Aromatherapy is a dynamic profession and can be practised as a primary or secondary career, opening the door to a world of possibilities. As an aromatherapist, you could own your own business, create your own product range, consultancy, lecturing, train the next generation, or even go into publishing once you have the relevant experience. Alternatively, you could practice aromatherapy as a secondary career, around other commitments you may have, to provide you with an additional source of income.

Working in Different Environments

Aromatherapy can be practised from your home, in a rented space, in a salon, clinic, spa or you may choose to conduct your business as a mobile therapist. Unlike other professions, aromatherapists have a great deal of independence and allows you to dictate your own working hours. After graduation, many aromatherapists start their own private practices, with some also teaming up with other Complementary and Alternative (CAM) practitioners to offer clients a multi-disciplinary approach to their health. Working with others is also a way to lower the cost of renting clinic space. In addition, some therapists go on to qualify in more than one discipline opening themselves up to an additional client base. Aromatherapy is a versatile CAM medium and can be integrated into a range of healthcare disciplines like acupuncture, counselling, herbalism, pharmacy or nutrition, amongst others. This is of course as well as seeking employment in an already established practice and or within the NHS. Aromatherapy treatments are applicable for all ages, from pregnancy until old age. Essential oils can be administered to a whole host of clients under many different conditions, so if you like working with people and do not wish to be restricted to the confines of an office all day, aromatherapy may well be the profession for you.

Increasing Recognition and Popularity

The benefits associated with aromatherapy are being recognised by an increasing number of government agencies, General Medical Council (GMC), healthcare insurers and the cosmetic industry. Research supports the use of aromatherapy, from its use in palliative care, with multi-skeletal (MSK) conditions to assisting in the treatment of illnesses of psychosomatic origins. Aromatherapy is also used in hospitals and hospices as well as other mainstream healthcare services. Aromatherapy is gathering momentum in the media with organic-based products in high demand. This has given aromatherapy an even greater appeal and is leading to a surge of interest in aromatherapeutic formulations. As a result, aromatherapy-based formulations can now be found across a broad spectrum of products, from household cleaning products to everyday haircare and skincare.

A Rewarding Career

Aromatherapy is also a deeply satisfying career, providing both expected and unexpected opportunities for personal development. Aromatherapy administered via the medium of massage can bring instantaneous results and as it is a face-to face discipline, there is a large element of interpersonal interaction. At times it can be trying especially when you are faced with a client with complex problems, however it can be very gratifying to see the positive change it can make in people’s lives. As a discipline it is both mentally and emotionally challenging, which you do not find with many jobs.

Many people also train in aromatherapy to help a loved one with an illness or to improve their own health and self-care methods. Startling reports reveal the UK’s struggling healthcare system has given rise to a growing desire to move away from over-the-counter medicines. For example, it has been found that 26 million people in the UK regularly suffer from a back pain, with 90% of these sufferers relying on paracetamol to relieve pain. Emerging evidence shows that this drug may not only become ineffective, but may also cause harm when taken long-term. The growing culture of using complementary medicine and natural remedies as an alternative to synthetic drugs has led to a significant increase in demand for properly qualified aromatherapists.

Salary Expectations

Aromatherapists are usually self-employed, which allows them to choose their own hours. On average, they work on an hourly rate, earning between £45 to £75 per treatment (dependent on time and location). Most clients wish to have treatments that fit into their working day, so mid-day and evening appointments are common. Any overheads incurred will usually include the cost of hiring a treatment room, the essential oils, as well as the primary costs of a massage bed and towels etc. If you are mobile, it is usual to charge a fee for travel within so many miles. Therapists with a solid client base can earn between £25,000 - £45,000 per annum as a practitioner. Therapists who are just starting out may practice aromatherapy as a secondary career to supplement their income whilst building up their client base, until they are ready for full time practice. However, a good place to start is to contact local alternative medicine clinics and to start practising on friends and family to build up a referral network. Alternatively, new graduates may go simply straight into employment or working within an already established clinic.

Personal Attributes

As aromatherapists are working in a one-to-one situation, they should have the following personal attributes, in addition to the correct credentials and skills:
Student with ID Card.png

  • A desire to help others
  • A calm and patient manner
  • An ability to listen to others
  • Empathy towards others
  • A commitment to continual professional development
  • Thorough understanding of the scopes of their practice
  • Diary management
  • Organisational skills
  • Record keeping skills

More details can be found in the IFA’s professional Codes of Conduct, Ethics and Practice.

Where will your career take you?

Graduates of our courses have gone on to carve out an array of successful businesses in the industry through a variety of creative outlets; from authoring books, research papers and other scientific publications to providing commentary for popular media. We have seen others go on to establish household brand names e.g. Aromatherapy Associates, be holders of beauty skincare awards, consultants for companies such as L’Oréal, been cited in Vogue and having celebrity clients. Others have become care leads in the NHS, received awards from Prince Charles and even an OBE. The possibilities are endless!  

It just goes to show if you study thoroughly and work hard, you too can achieve great things. Wherever you wish your career in aromatherapy to take you by choosing the IFA to qualify with you are setting the foundations for success.


Whether you are looking for an additional source of income, a new direction in life or want to start your own business in a caring and nurturing profession, aromatherapy is a great career option. Usually whilst undertaking training, therapists form an idea what direction they wish to take and the business module is designed to help you decide that. Importantly, our support does not end when you graduate, the IFA is also a professional body and is here for its graduates to stand up for your interests and support you throughout your career as you embark on your new journey.