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Learner Benefits and Support

Our professional courses are widely recognised by healthcare insurers, government agencies and recruiters, andStudent with ID Card.png will provide you with valuable clinical knowledge and the practical skills you need to become a competent and qualified aromatherapist. The IFA's philosophy is that therapists should understand not only how to perform certain tasks but also the reason for those tasks and the principles behind them. This gives you excellent job prospects and the opportunity for career advancement.

When you study through an IFA approved provider, you gain much more than a Diploma. We aim to make you excited about your career through the interesting content of our course curriculum and the passion with which it is delivered. We not only help you with your studies so that you achieve your qualification, we provide you with advice, support and resources so that you may have a rewarding career after graduating. All registered learners receive a student ID card from the IFA head office and can also gain discounts from a variety of suppliers to reduce the costs of materials.

Undertaking an IFA approved course gives you peace of mind. We set the standards that training providers are required to meet continuously in order to be displayed on the register. We monitor Centre’s performance and investigate complaints should a Centre fall below these standards and impose action reports to proactively improve their performance. The Learner Handbook provides learners with helpful information and guidance to be referred to throughout their studies and aims to answer the vast majority of questions you may have. 

Additional Benefits include:

Discounted Insurance Package
UK students can take advantage of our exclusive insurance cover package (50% off) with the Chartered insurance broker the Alan Boswell Group (01953 455 600) at £37.00 for students including cover for a range of additional therapies for more information click here

Quarterly Magazine (s)
Students receive TWO quarterly journals free of charge: The Aromatherapy Times, the official journal of the IFA registered with the British Library - an informative professional publication covering developments in the world of aromatherapy both in the public and private sector and a free digital copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine, which contains a range of articles to support practitioners with running a successful practice.

Regional Meetings, Conferences and Networking
Access to networking events and support meetings. We currently have regional groups across the country and online for those in remote areas. Some of the groups offer evening group sessions, breakfast meetings, organise trips to distilleries and herb gardens etc. In the members area of our website we have a forum for our members to discuss issues affecting their work for mutual support and encouragement and annual conferences to meet with fellow members.

Discounted Supplies
Students can get a wide range of discounts off top brand suppliers to support their practice. Brands include Micheline Arcier, Tisserand Aromatherapy, Base Formula, Majestic Towels, Couch Rolls, Beautelle and more click here for more details.

Industry News & Newsletters
Students receive our bi-monthly newsletters by email, containing topics such as new developments in aromatherapy, CAM, NICE and NHS campaign updates, member success stories, volunteer placement opportunities, hot topics and brain teasers. 

Research Search Filter
Students can gain access to our easy to use search facility where you can find links to filtered clinical trials and research papers by essential oil, carrier oil, therapeutic property, medical condition, ailment and/or by a natural progression in the body.

Seminars, Workshops & CPD
Students can gain discount to various CPD events, seminars, workshops and first aid courses to keep them up-to-date with the latest techniques and advancements in the profession. All members are afforded priority tickets to the IFA’s International Conferences with world renowned speakers. Members can also get free entry to a variety of exhibitions and automatically receive free entry to the IFA's AGM.

Once registered a student has access to the student shop where they can purchase the syllabus from which they are being taught which also includes sample exam questions, professional IFA embossed tunics and other merchandise. 

Entry into Competitions & Chance to win prizes
The IFA regularly run competitions to win free days out, treatments, products and hampers, entry exclusive to registered members only.