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Find an Approved Course Provider

To locate an IFA approved training provider closest to you and to discuss your requirements please enter your postcode.

All students who attend an IFA accredited course will be issued with a student ID card from the IFA head Office. Please note; some companies are falsely claiming to be training providers of the IFA, or are alluding to accredited status by making statements such as ‘Adhering to IFA standards’ or misuse of the IFA logos etc. This deception is not permitted and the IFA will take appropriate action against any company who make such claims. If a company is not included in this list, they are not accredited by the IFA. If you still have any doubts about a company or an individual claiming IFA status, please contact us for clarification or report it to us.

Cant find a course provider in your area? Unfortunately, the IFA do not have courses in all countries and regions but that does not necessarily prevent you from becoming a member. We suggest that if you cannot find an IFA accredited course provider in your area and are unable to commit to travelling, to source a provider that offer a level 3 aromatherapy qualification, accredited by one or more of the following bodies. On completion you can then join the IFA as an associate member. If in future you then wish to upgrade your qualification to a level 4/5 and become an IFA full member, a bridging course can then be tailored to your needs and will require less travel to complete for more information click here