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Client/Patient Service User Survey

This survey is about the care and treatment you receive from an IFA registrant. This might include the consultation process, massage, essential oil blends/products, referrals, aftercare advice, etc. The information will be used to help improve the services offered by our registrants. We’re interested in your views of that experience, even if your contact has only been limited or has now finished. If you choose to take part, your answers will be treated in confidence.


When was the last time you saw an IFA registered Aromatherapist? *
Overall, how long have you been in contact with an IFA registrant? *
Thinking about the last time you saw an IFA registered Aromatherapist.....
Did this person listen carefully to you? *
Did this person take your views into account? *
Still thinking about the last time you saw an IFA registered Aromatherapist.....
Did you have trust and confidence in this person? *
Did this person treat you with respect and dignity? *
Were you given enough time to discuss your condition(s) and treatment? *


When you had your initial consultation with your IFA registered Aromatherapist, did you feel that it was thorough enough? *
Were you assured that any information given would be held in the strictest confidence? *


A treatment plan is part of the initial consultation with your Aromatherapist and explains how your Aromatherapy treatment has been planned.
Did your IFA registered Aromatherapist discuss your treatment plan with you prior to your first treatment? *
Do you think your views were taken into account when discussing your treatment plan? *
Did your Aromatherapist discuss/recommend any goals and/or aftercare advice as part of your treatment plan? For example, this might include changes you may want to make to your diet, lifestyle, exercise programme? *
Has your IFA registered Aromatherapist helped you start achieving these goals? *
Did your IFA registered Aromatherapist explain to you, prior to treatment, some of the possible effects of Aromatherapy that may occur after your treatment? *


Does your IFA registered Aromatherapist regularly discuss your progress with you in relation to your Aromatherapy treatments? *
Are you given the chance to express your views about your aromatherapy treatment? *
Do you find these discussions about your aromatherapy treatment helpful? *


Where you had massage treatment(s):
Did you find the overall experience beneficial? *
Were you warm enough during the treatment(s)? *
Did you feel that your Aromatherapist was sensitive to your comfort whilst on the massage couch? *
Was your modesty protected? *
Did the Aromatherapist encourage you to communicate when something was uncomfortable/unpleasant during the treatment(s)? *


In the last 12 months, have you used any Aromatherapy product(s) provided by your IFA registered Aromatherapist? *
Do you think your views were taken into account in deciding which product(s) were suitable? *
Did you feel that the product(s) were of good quality and were of benefit to you? *
The last time you had a new product(s) given to you…
Were instructions for use clearly explained to you? *
Were you told about any cautions in relation to the product(s)? *
Since being given the Aromatherapy product(s), has your therapist checked with you about how you are getting on with the product(s)? *


In the last 12 months, has your IFA Aromatherapist discussed any other types of therapy that may be of benefit to you (eg, osteopathy), or has he/she referred you to your GP *
If yes, did you act upon your Aromatherapist’s suggestion(s)? *


Overall, how would you rate the care you have received from your IFA registered Aromatherapist in the last 12 months? *


Who was the main person or people that filled in this questionnaire? *
Reminder: All the questions should be answered from the point of view of the service user/client. This includes the following background questions on gender and date of birth.
Are you male or female? *
In general, how is your health right now? *
Do you have any disabilities? *
Are you currently in paid work? (tick all that apply) *
To which of these ethnic groups would you say you belong? *


If there is anything else you would like to tell us about your experiences of Aromatherapy in the last 12 months, please do so here.