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Get Support

Each year we support charities with a similar ethos to our own and who are actively trying to integrate aromatherapy into a caring environment but need additional support to do so.

How can we help you?

Our support comes in many shapes and forms:

  • Funding
  • Raising awareness with our audience regarding your cause through our various social media platforms
  • Volunteer therapists
  • Providing on-site training
  • Raffle prizes to raise funds for projects
  • Equipment

How do we choose who to help?

If you require funding the procedure to apply is as follows:


  • First and foremost the applicant applying must show how their cause encompasses and furthers the objectives of the IFA 
  • The applicant must specify why the funding is needed and what it will specifically be awarded towards
  • The applicant must specify the target group/communities it will help
  • The applicant must show clear lines of accountability within the applicants organisational structure
  • The applicant must declare any conflicts of interest/invested interests in the project if applying on behalf of an organisation

To apply please complete the form.

Selection Procedure
All sponsorship application forms will be circulated to the Board of Trustees. Responsibility for the selection of sponsored charity projects rests firmly with the Trustees who aim to sponsor a range of diverse projects in different countries. Some charity projects, may be sponsored by outreaching directly to a particular cause, for example if there has been a natural disaster or is a seasonal project.

In broad terms the Board of Trustees will:

  • Ascertain if the applicant's cause furthers our objectives and has met the criteria (evidenced in their application form). If a request does not conform to the criteria the applicant will be notified or more information will be requested.
  • Agree which applicant’s causes require the more immediate attention. If funding is limited any appropriate applicant’s details will be retained on file until the following year.  The following year, the Board will consider projects omitted from the previous year and these will be taken into consideration when planning future sponsorship levels.
  • The Treasurer will liaise with the Board and advise on budget available and provide a list of previously sponsored projects to avoid repetition to extend our outreach.
  • Look to sponsor learners from new areas/countries. During the selection process, it may be deemed appropriate to help those in another region first so all countries are given equal opportunity. To view previously funded projects click here.
  • Shortlist a selection of projects within a given year and make the relevant checks.
  • Write to the shortlisted applicant(s) if we are unable to support the full amount of sponsorship requested (especially if supporting more than one project) 
  • Select the project to sponsor for that year.
  • Terms agreed and confirmed
  • Sponsorship provided.

The length of the process depends on whether all required information is provided straight away, or if follow up questions need to be addressed, and also on what other projects are also being considered, but usually takes up to 90 days.

For all other requests (non-monetary) please contact the office supplying as much information about your cause as possible and clearly specify in what way you wish the IFA to help.