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Make a Donation

The IFA is working tirelessly to challenge the perception of aromatherapy, by getting the word out there and funding our therapists to volunteer in various hospices and hospitals to improve the care and support available and we need your help to build upon this work.


How will my donation help?

By donating to us, you are assisting the IFA in raising awareness of the benefits that aromatherapy can bring to an array of conditions and its role in the preservation of health, to the public and government agencies. Your support can aid aromatherapy being more widely accepted by the medical profession and ensure people get the support they need today.

Could fund the printing of 100 copies of our aromatherapy factsheets and leaflets.

Could fund a helpline advisor for a day, as they provide a listening ear for people in need of advice and support.

Could fund a therapists expenses to give a talk or workshop at an event or community centre.

Could fund four therapists to visit a hospice in the UK and provide treatments to the elderly.

Could fund a mother with a disabled child or elderly relative undertake the Aromacare Carer Course and reconnect with loved ones through learning gentle massage techniques and knowledge of the use of essentials oils in everyday life. The IFA will fund the individual with all equipment.

Could fund the supply of essential oils, towels and volunteer therapists to reach out to those in need, such as the result of a natural disaster or the homeless, disabled etc.

Whatever amount you can afford your kind donation will make a difference. Thank you.

Alternatively, you can help our cause by sponsoring equipment such as either towels, essential oils or inhalers etc. for our volunteer therapists. If you have books you no longer use these would be a great addition to our growing library which allows therapists and budding learners access to an array of knowledge to help with their studies.

However big or small every little contribution helps and will be greatly appreciated.