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Causes Close to Our Hearts

This page seeks to bring more recognition to causes that affect the tools of our trade and the planet.

The Pragaya Project
Pragaya.jpgThe Pragya Project aims to conserve the herbal wealth of the Himalayas. The Himalayas are a storehouse of the most rare and valuable species of medicinal and aromatic plants, which are immensely valuable to the well-being of local people who do not have access to conventional medicine. The region's plants are threatened by several factors: deforestation and climatic changes in the region, over-use and destructive harvesting of medicinal and aromatic plants and an absence of measures for soil or water conservation.  The Pragaya Project aims to set up a Botanical Garden in the Eastern Himalayas, with a targeted 30 species of rare and endangered medicinal and aromatic plants of the region.  For more information please visit www.pragya.org

World Land Trust
World Land Trust.jpgWorld Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation charity, which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre. Since its foundation in 1989, WLT has funded partner organisations around the world to create reserves, and give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife. Their mission is to protect and sustainably manage natural ecosystems of the world and conserve their biodiversity, with emphasis on threatened habitats and endangered species; to develop partnerships with local communities and raise awareness, in the UK and elsewhere, of the need for conservation, to improve understanding and generate support through education, information and fundraising. For more information please visit www.worldlandtrust.org

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.jpgThe Campaign for Safe Cosmetics works to protect the health of consumers and the environment through public education and engagement, corporate accountability and legislative advocacy to eliminate dangerous chemicals linked to adverse health impacts from cosmetics and personal care products. The Campaign has educated millions of people about the problem of toxic chemicals in cosmetics, leading to an increased demand for safer products in the marketplace. Now hundreds of cosmetic companies fully disclose ingredients and avoid the use of reproductive toxicants and other unsafe chemicals, demonstrating these practices are not only possible, but profitable. For more information please visit www.safecosmetics.org


The Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Bumblebee Conservation.jpgThe Bumblebee Conservation Trust was established because of serious concerns about the 'plight of the bumblebee'. In the last 80 years the bumblebee populations have crashed. Two species have become nationally extinct and several others have declined dramatically. Bumblebees pollinate our crops and wildflowers. Their pollination service is also a clear and compelling example of the link between biodiversity and human health and welfare. Pollination is vital for many of the nation’s wild plants and five-a-day fruit and vegetables. Their aim to halt declines in the UK’s bumblebees and increase the knowledge of the general public and policy makers to value bumblebees and biodiversity more generally. For more information please visit www.bumblebeeconservation.org