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Our Charity Work

When there is no conventional treatment available to relieve symptoms or alleviate an illness, complementary care is often the only form of support people have. Essential oils have the potential to tap into the emotions, to heal and soothe the body, and promote spiritual connection. It can also help prevent conditions developing or worsening, rather than waiting for symptoms to present. Aromatherapy can create an atmosphere where the recipient feels cared for, physically relaxed, less anxious, and restful and play a pivotal role in care and recovery programmes, thus reducing public spending on pharmaceutical interventions and related health costs. The IFA promote aromatherapy as a CAM discipline, alongside the NHS and other government-led healthcare systems worldwide. Each year we donate funds, expertise and other resources to raise awareness and initiate various charity projects to integrate aromatherapy into physical and social environments - hospitals, hospices and special needs schools. We are proud of our historic and ongoing commitment to investing in research to evidence our work and delivery of our aromacare programme for the benefit of the public.